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Anime with philosophical concepts?

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Posted 4/3/12 , edited 4/4/12
I feel there's much to pull out of 5 cm per second, in terms of philosophy. By far, it's one of the most incredible movies I've ever watched.
Posted 4/3/12 , edited 4/4/12

neumaus wrote:

I feel there's much to pull out of 5 cm per second, in terms of philosophy. By far, it's one of the most incredible movies I've ever watched.

I think so too. The same could be said about Voice from a Distant Star.
Posted 4/3/12 , edited 4/4/12

panamapunk wrote:

Most serious anime or ones that aren't entirely ecchi usually have some philosophical concepts to them.
The plot of a story usually has an underlining meaning, even if it is Good vs. Evil or simply to always persevere under adversity.
Philosophy is pretty much the physics of human thoughts and ethics so you will find it every humans are doing something of importance.

Most Ghibli movies revolve around a deep underlying theme of the relationship of humanity alongside nature, or a test of faith, strength, will.And usually those movies do a great job of presenting those concepts.

Now Origins: Spirits of the Past( IMO) tried doing something like that but crammed the last hour of the movie into a superpower-up action-filled ending that feel empty and shallow compared to the typical movie of that sort. All i remember is everyone talking about nature then the kid getting superpowers and saving the world.

Anyway, the term philosophical is way too broad. Its like asking for a book with a plot.

I think philosophy is more than ethics and the physics of human thought, it's a field where we try to understand the world and what everything really is using rationality. Then again it might be impossible for mere humans to understand reality from an objective perspective. We are subjects and we interpret the world through our subjective minds. Who knows, maybe we've been doing science wrong this whole time and whatever objective ethics and laws there are out there are out of our reach. Then again, that could just be me being over skeptical.

In terms of anime, there hasn't been many serious anime coming out recently, too many harem genres, I suppose they are making that stuff more often because it makes money. No, I'm not bashing against ecchi anime like most female feminists might do. I'm not particularly a feminist either. I understand that the anime making industry is only trying to do what they can to earn a living. I'm not obligated to watch that stuff so I can just stay away from that genre.

Studio Ghibli's movies does try to show the nature of humanity in interesting ways. Nausicaa Valley of the Wind is a good example I think...

I should I mentioned Pale Cocoon, Voice from a Distant star, The girl who leapt through time, and Five cm per Second in the OP. They also show themes of human nature and existentialism. They are all short 1-episode anime, but the story lines don't seem rushed at all, which is nice. If you like the Ghibli films, you might enjoy these too.
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