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Why the hell doesn't CrunchyRoll have One Piece !!!!
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Posted 3/23/12 , edited 3/23/12

wolfsaiga wrote:

its called competition, be happy that your not paying a 300 dollar membership. if funimation were to give up its content to cr, we def will be screwed over with a new types of membership like platinum membership for 200 bucks or something stupid like that.
though cr getting there hands on fma and onepiece for a few weeks isn't all that strange. they have the power to do it, but why would they when funimation already shows onepiece for free and fma would cost crunchyroll to much. though i can guarantee you that if if every member purchase membership we would get so much more anime then we can imagine and right on the release date not like madoka where we have to wait till its finished to show it.

I know you are using hyperbole but I do think getting the rights from Toei to stream One Piece would cost CR out the a**. From what I hear they do like to screw FUNimation over and won't hand over anything unless the get the most out of it. But hey it's a business after.

Posted 3/23/12 , edited 3/23/12
Please don't ask for licensed anime.
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