Posted 3/23/12 , edited 3/23/12
Club Directory! Look here!

How to join a group/commitee:
Just post which you wanna be on! We'll add you if the group isn't full,if it isn't,We'll ask you to join another group with an avaliable spot.
Watch daily on this so you know which groups are avalible!The color code will give you colors of the words to tell you if there are available spots or not!

Color Code:
Green=Available Spots (Specifies how many spots available)
Orange=Pending (Group is currently under construction or member reqruiting on hold)
Red=Unavailable Spots (You need to be certian postition in this group (Not the rp) or no spots are available at the moment)

You will know you are in the group if your username is listed under the group name!~


Student Council
-Must be mod or else can't join

Rule Enforcement
10 spots available!

Junior Acheivement

Glee Club/Choir

Art Club

Enviromental Club

Gardening Club

Cooking Club

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