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Posted 1/20/08 , edited 1/20/08
This is a thread for those of us struggling with -any- problem. God says that the prayers of a righteous man are a powerful thing. So, this thread is to bring prayers to help us persevere and fight our demons. Requests can be anything form help fighting a particular demon to financial security.

Let us all, however, end our prayers with, “If it is your will, God,” For his will is the most important, right?

Here are my requests:

1. I’m immensely arrogant and want to be humbled. My ego and pride make it difficult for me to expand God’s kingdom.

2. Perversion. It’s hard to admit things like this IRL, but here’s the thing: I’m addicted to porn and…well, what goes with porn. This is my mightiest enemy, and it tears me from God so easily.

3. Please pray that I learn to forgive and forget past mistakes. My own mistakes, and the those of the people around me.

4. That I learn to love everyone.

Except, don’t pray this just for me, pray it for everyone struggling with the same problems.

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Posted 1/20/08 , edited 1/20/08
There is a thread with the same title here:
It's even stickied

You can transfer your post there. just copy and repost there.

Actually, I'll answer your qn now.

ALL of your above will be gone, when you truly receive the Spirit of Christ. Yeah, a lot of people say that they are Christians and all, but really, even if you're baptised, even if you do more religious works than others, even if you know your Bible better than most Christians, the spirit of Christ in you is a different matter altogether.

This is why Born Again is here for, at least in my honest opinion. It's to build the faith of Christians. Most Christians, in fact know nothing beyond the fact that Jesus and God is our savior. I knew what it was to be like a Christian and to be bound by bondage still. In fact, that continued for like 10 years. Doesn't make sense right? But take it by faith that you have the Holy Spirit in you when you've accepted Christ, asked for his forgiveness and be ready to follow Him. You probably won't feel anything (I didn't), but it doesn't mean it does not work. I personally didn't realise I had been following Jesus all along until I found myself with the fruits of the spirit!

Behold, the fruits of the spirits are borne from Grace and Love. They are the mother of what you can call the fruits; the evidence of the Holy Spirit at work in you. Peace usually comes first, faith, love, patience, joy (inner), self-control, wisdom, righteousness. All these will manifest in your life as you go about your daily life. What most of us don't do is to cultivate God's presence. Simply talking to the LORD (not even prayers yet!) and keeping conscious of Him in your life, will be enough to grow that seed into a healthy plant. The Spirit is in you, but you have to allow it to be dominion in your life. What does this mean? Seeking the LORD!

Jesus gave me this incredible hunger for God one day (I suspected that was what the Holy Spirit IMMEDIATELY got me to do after I allowed it to control and intervene in my stupid mistakes. I simply literally cast away my cares to one side and told Him that I truly wanted Him in my life). That hunger resulted in what I now know, type in forums, in a span of 1 or 2 months now. Not that I'm saying I'm very knowledgeable or what, but what are the chances of a person with the same faith for 10 years of blah, and suddenly feeling the urge to continually look for Christian articles to build knowledge that I now also share in this forum? This kind of 'dedication' can only come from God!

Seriously, the verse 'Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you,' is very true! (All the Bible passages are true of course) After I let God in, He worked in me, changing my behaviour, from temper and arrogance (I was quite arrogant in the past as well. I hated all people), temptations and other forms of bondage, addictions, unforgiving attitude (I held grudges from my preschool times). I mean, I was literally transformed. God was not lying when he said 'cast all your cares to me'. If you have something that you hate in you, bring it to Him. No matter HOW tiny it is. Bring it to Him! It really works, that's the best I can put it.

It worked for me, every bit you just described, and now I hope that I can help you with yours.

(It's important to know that even if you have failed and listened to temptations instead, there is NO condemnation from God. He is an encouraging spirit, and encourager. He quietly moves you along, so once you've hit 'Send' to your prayer request to Jesus, He receives it immediately and goes to process that request at once. Sometimes the flood of emails from other people jam the email system, so it takes a bit longer, but Jesus has ALREADY sent his reply to your email with an answer, Amen!
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