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Posted 3/24/12 , edited 3/24/12
Name: (Make an appropriate name. It doesn’t have to be a Japanese name but make it interesting)

Nickname: (what do people usually call your rp character)

Age: (Clearly just state your age)

Gender: (Are you a girl or a boy)

Weight/Height: (What is your weight/height)

Hometown: (Where is your hometown? Which of the 4 blues is it in? South Blue, East Blue etc.)

Current Location: (Where does your character start in the rp)

Appearance: (You can either post a picture or explain your character’s appearance descriptively)

Personality: (What kind of personality does your character have? Is he/she nice or mean etc.)

History: (Explain your character’s history. Be in depth as possible. Also, if your character has a DF, explain how they got it)

Dream/Goal: (One Piece is all about dreams and goals. Does your character have a dream/goal?)

Weapon: (Does your character have a weapon? If so explain its appearance or post a picture)

Devil Fruit: (What is your Devil Fruit called?)

Attacks/Powers: (Does your character have any powers? Did he/she eat a DF? Explain their powers and attacks)

Crew: (Does your character belong to a crew?)

Ship: (Does your character own a ship? How does the ship look like and what are its features? You can post a picture or be descriptive. If you’re a marine then you use HQ Marine Ships)

Rank: (This is only for Marines)

Occupation/Specialty: (Is your character a cook, a navigator, a swordsman etc)

Items: (Does your character bring anything around with them?)

Bounty: (Everyone starts off with 0 unless there’s a reason why your character doesn’t start off with 0. Marines do not need this)

Additional Information: (Have any more to add? Then do so)
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