Views on Resident Evil: Operation racoon City
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Posted 3/24/12 , edited 3/24/12
Alright the newest title in the resident evil series has just been released. Resident Evil Operation Racoon CIty.
As a fan of the resident evil series I thought it was an interesting play and brought a new style of gameplay that hasnt been seen in resident evil. But they could have done better. What did you think about
Resident Evil Operation Racoon CIty???

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Posted 3/24/12 , edited 3/25/12
An okay game. Pretty fun and enjoyable for a moment. Though to be honest, it felt more like I was playing an Army of Two spin-off with Resident Evil elements added to it. With the direction that the game's going, the series is starting to lose that survival horror feeling and is starting to become just an Action-adventure game.
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Posted 3/28/12 , edited 3/28/12
Haven't gotten around to playing it, but they should have included split-screen co-op.
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