Post Reply Sayu's Speech at Ai's Graduation
Posted 3/24/12 , edited 3/24/12

Sayu: Aichan, congrats. My crying face isn’t cute so I don’t really want you to see it. Umm… Aichan is… I have so many memories of Aichan from work and in private. You were always so kind and loving to me, I was always so happy about that. I think we have the Morning Musume we do now because you were the leader. And all the love we get from the fans here… I think was made possible because of you. After this, with Gaki-san as leader, the 6th gen – Reina and myself will work hard to keep MM going… Yeah, we’ll work hard. And let’s go out to dinner again yeah? Please take me to Shin Okubo too. I love you Aichan!
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