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Posted 3/24/12 , edited 3/25/12
As Said Like The Sweetest Surrender and Aftershock Graphics Crunchyroll Extension Account We are Open to free Edit Request! No Payments Needed! See it's free! Read the Rules Before Proceeding^^

-no pornography/ecchi/hentai pics
-be patient with your request .......we also have a life you know xDD
-be happy with what we edit for you :D
-no bad words here please or automatic we will delete it >:(

~I Simply Fill Up This Form I~
Character: (KPOP or Anime, Others? Please Specify)
Editor: (AmiiChan,IAmAyakoOhara,MadamOz,AngelTabitha)
Other add-ons for the edit:

We will do it when we recieve it^^PLEASE BE PATIENT IF THE EDIT GOT DELAYED.

Thank You For Requesting, Feel Free To Come Back Again.

Visual dreams Moderators
Posted 3/31/12 , edited 4/1/12
Name: Helen (Defiancy)
Age: 15
Country: USA
Character: Picture in spoiler

Size: 200 x 700
Editor: IAmAyakoOhara
Quote: " May The Odds Forever Be In Your Favor."
Style: Sadish, yet strong...yes make it look strong. xD
Other add-ons for the edit: Make it give me goosebumps from epicness. :D
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