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Posted 3/26/12 , edited 3/26/12
I watched... I watched....


I came in half way with David Tenant and now I'm loving the new Doctor.

David Tenant fun though at times very gloomy and serious. An epic man.

Matt Smith! Fun and funny. And epic!

This may seem lowly watching a new TV show but please his epicness still hasn't worn out. Doctorates will understand.

And I can't scream in my brothers ears right now of how awesome it is so you have to listen to it.
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Posted 3/26/12 , edited 3/26/12
I upped my 5RMs across the board. (this will make little sense to most people)
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Ewww. This thread is too Australian. On topic, I played Age of Empires for the first time today.
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The point of this thread?
Posted 3/28/12 , edited 3/29/12
^None. Threads like this usually become chat grounds filled with spam.
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