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Here we go.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Race(human, shinigami, angel or demon):
Date of Birth:
Distinquishing Features:
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Name: Alexia Rose/ Raychel
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Alexia side:She is very shy and quiet. She hates people and is antisocial. She has to be forced to go to any parties and things of the like.Raychel side: She is a cold-blooded killer and loves to hear the screams of her victems
Strengths and Weaknesses: Alexia side: Her strengths are her sweetness, but she is weak in al other aspects. Raychel side: Her strengths are her insticts to kill and her skill with knives and other weapons, her weakness are that she is not always as stealthy as she could be
Race: human
Talents: Alexia side: She can sew and paint and play piano. Raychel side: She knows all the parts of the human anatomy and she is very precise with knives
Date of Birth: November 1
Appearence: She has long blond hair that reaches to her back, with green eyes. She is thin, and about 5'7.
Distinquishing Features: She has a slightly dwarfed ear, and has a beauty mark above her left eyebrow
Dreams: Alexia side: to find someone to love her. Raychel side: To kill anyone and eveyone she can, to have pleasure
Fears: Alexia side: The dark, crowds. Raychel side: Unknown
History: Alexia is the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat, who was raped while she was married and had her. She had always been odd, and never liked people. Raychel is her other personality that was created after one of her servants brutally raped her. He was the first person Raychel killed.
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