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Posted 3/28/12 , edited 3/28/12
Tournament Rules

1) No Teams- All participant must fight each other one on one

2) No Killing- all deadly spells are off limits. Try to knock you opponent out not kill them.

3) No Cheating- when you attack leave it open for them to evade or block. The trick is to use your wits to trap you opponent in an unavoidable attack.

4) Post on time- You will Have a 24 hour time limit from when you opponent post. If you fail to post you forfeit.

5) Use only your skills- What skills you have at the beginning of the Tournament are the one's you use.

6) Have Fun!

Victory Conditions

1) Knocking you opponent out.

2) Opponent forfeits

3) Opponent fails to Post on time.

4) Opponent Disqualified

The Mods Will referee every match. We will stop you if you are God Moding. you you get stopped 3 time you are disqualified. You will not know you opponent or where you are fighting until right before the Match. Quote every attack and put in Spoilers.((This will start of when we get one more Mage created. after the tournament I will post New Missions as well))
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