Post Reply Kouichi+Misaki Forever!
Posted 3/29/12 , edited 3/30/12
This is a romantic fanfic about Misaki and Kouichi! Just follow along with the member's post!

Misaki and Kouichi were walking to the dollshop together at night. When they went in the shop nobody was there.

Misaki: This place is usually deserted, so that is okay.
Kouichi: Okay then..... *blushing*

They looked at all the dolls in the store. Kouichi was getting creeped out by one of them.

Kouichi: Misaki-san! That doll, doesn't it creep you out?
Misaki: No, not really, why? Does it scare you, Sakakibara-kun?
Kouichi: What?! No! That would be ridiculous!
Misaki: *giggles softly* Well that one is actually my favorite.
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