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Doll Creation
Posted 5/17/12 , edited 5/18/12

XxLithiumWingsxX wrote:

Your Username: XxLithiumWingsxX
Character Name: Evie Campanile
Likes: Tea, Night (Darkness), Books, Moonlight, Candles (The light from candles instead of Sunlight), Sweet fragrances
Dislikes: Those with no manners, Sunlight, Bitter things,
"Treat": Her lovely smile allures people to her, making them fall under her spell. As they are attracted and come towards her, it allows her to kill her victim with a dagger she keeps hidden in her clothes.
Personality Description: Well Mannered, Blunt, Sensible, Sharp, Calm
Relationship with exsisting Character: Had an owner at one point who abandoned her after she had outgrown her doll phase.
Height [cm]: 45 cm
Picture :

Posted 6/2/12 , edited 6/2/12
Your Username: kaRLyluvsANime
Character Name: Rima
Likes: anything sweet,animals,her hair,playmates
Dislikes: coffee,rudeness,dirt,spiders
"Treat": at any time she wishes anyone she touches or they touch her are infused with poison and die instantly. (her eyes turn bright blue at night)
Personality Description:Short temper,sweet if you're sweet to her,is hounistly a good person and is just a kid
Relationship with exsisting Character:she was her owners mother than was passed down to Koneko and loves when she plays with her but is afraid as she grows older will forget her.
Height [cm]: 7.62 cm
Picture :
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