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Posted 3/31/12 , edited 3/31/12
Your character has 2 be like this:





Other Info:

Pic:(must be in spoiler)
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F / Somewhere in the...
Posted 3/31/12 , edited 4/1/12
Here's mine:

Name:Felicity Soul Tsukiyomi


Race:Half-neko,& half-human

Bio:Felicity,along with her brothers,Danny,& Zack,also her sisters ,Cleo,Angel,& Sapphire,were born into a family of full-neko demons,since they were born as half-demons,they were treated like trash,& beaten to bloody pulps.Soon,the 6 siblings left their family when Felicity turned 16,and left all of their belongings,even the ones of their parents,their mother died shortly after Sapphire was born,while their father died in the war.One night on her way home from a job at the castle,Felicity run into some very drunk men,and they wanted to do things to her that i can,t even put it on here.Anyways,after they saw what happens to her when Felicity gets mad,the men ran for their lives,what happens when she gets mad you may ask is that she turns into a full neko demon called,Rose Cross,a neko rumored to have killed a whole army with one swipe of her sword.The only ones that know her secret is her siblings,& her master/best friend,Anna(hinamoriamu17).one night on their way to the castle,Danny,Cleo,and Sapphire passed out from lack of food,and water for a whole week,while this was going on,Anna was walking the castle grounds,when she turned a corner Anna saw her servent/best friend over her 3 silblings.When Anna got close,Felicity's brother Zack heard Anna coming,and told the 16 year old next to him.Anna asked Felicity,Zack,and Angel if they wanted to stay at the castle,Zack,& Angel already said yes.As she thought it over for a bit,Felicity also said yes to her masters offer.So now,thanks to Anna,the Tsukiyomi siblings are living the greatest life they could ever dream of.

Other Info:The siblings can read minds,and can control all the elements

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Posted 4/5/12 , edited 4/6/12
Name: Setsu

Age: 16

Race: Phoenix

Bio: Setsu is the Phoenix Princess. She is new in the world and has been sent out by her mother to learn about the world. She has been pushed out of the nest, so to speak. This is a normal practice among the Phoenix and she will come home when she thinks she has finished honing her skills as a ruler. Until then Setsu will travel the world.

Other Info: She is awesome!


Human form

Phoenix form

Name: Lavi Luken

Age: 17

Race: Dragon

Bio: Lavi is a dragon born into the noble family of Luken. Their clan reigns supreme in the dragon hierarchy. He wants to become the head of his clan but he'll have to fight his siblings to earn the title. He is in training with a great master of Dragons. His master's name is Shi Han and he will be loyal to Lavi when he becomes head of his clan. He will take on the position of adviser for the clan as well.

Other Info: He looks sweet but he is very powerful.


Human form with Master Shi Han behind him

Dragon form

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