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Posted 4/26/12 , edited 4/27/12
Awesome...wish we could eat together.
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Posted 4/26/12 , edited 4/27/12

Yup! Shin and us mods have been formulating a RP plot. Keep your eyes open! Things are gonna start rolling!
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Posted 4/27/12 , edited 4/28/12
Orre Region Colosseum League Champion shotgun!
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Posted 4/27/12 , edited 4/28/12

If you finish your character profile, the position is all yours!
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Posted 4/28/12 , edited 5/3/12
Alright folks,

Shin has asked me to include the names of all the people invited for the Annual Pokemon League Dinner Conference, so without further adieu....

The Guest List

World Champion Xavier Jones played by Moderators Only (If he shows up....)

Legendary League Champion Natsume Spiral played by LamiaZlogonje

Indigo Kanto League Champion Conner Cross played by carlrules097

Indigo Johto League Champion Okami Yamashima played by okamihakumei

Hoenn League Champion "Reidan" played by Rai-Kage

Sinnoh League Champion Sinaku LeBeau played by akumalevel4

Orre Colosseum League Champion Eric Roseguard played by NT_Pokemon (Finish your character first!)

Orange Island League Champion Morgana Jackson played by shinsonic23

Battle Frontier League Champion Vincent "Green" Onigami played by deyone5

Former Indigo Kanto League Champion "Red"played by Moderators Only

Former Indigo Johto League Champion Lance played by Moderators Only

Former Hoenn League Champion Steven Stone played by Moderators Only

Former Hoenn League Champion Wallace played by Moderators Only

Former Sinnoh League Champion Jade Quartz played by crono1036

Former Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia played by Moderators Only

Elite Four Bruno played by Moderators Only

Nimbasa Gym Leader Elesa played by Moderators Only

Cinnabar Islands Gym Leader Blaine played by Moderators Only

Sunyshore City Gym Leader Volkner played by Moderators Only

Blackthorn Gym Leader Clair played by Moderators Only

Saffron City Gym Leader Sabrina played by Moderators Only

Ace Trainer Tsunami Reiko played by deyone5

Ace Trainer Kenshin Sagara played by okamihakumei

Ace Trainer Xayne D'Angelo played by haruka-chan21

Ace Trainer Patchy Wilkes played by BentoBoxxe

Ace Trainer Zane Justice played by shinsonic23

Highy Talented Under- Achiever Ace Childs played by TheKon004

If there are any questions about the names on this list or names that you believe I have forgotten to put please contact me. However, before you do make sure you know that:

1) Known Black Dawn members are not officially invited, but they WILL play a huge part in this Event Arc.

2) Most of the trainers invited are "famous" or "talented" in some way and have proven their skills to the League.

3) If your character is not invited, it DOES NOT mean we are leaving that character out. This is only for the dinner party. The entire point of this Event Arc is to introduce the Pokemon: The Road of Champions saga that is about to unfold.

4) If a character is not listed above and still attends the dinner, the guards at the front door will not grant him/ her admitance. EVERY character must go through the front door to be checked in. The guard will be played by one of the Moderators.

5) Keep your characters in- character. We love diversity in the RP. Hence, the reason why this list is long!

Invites will go out pronto as soon as I get the letters made!
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Posted 5/6/12 , edited 5/6/12
Ok Here are a few Updates/Announcements for the group.

First just wanna say Thanks for all the activity. I feel the group is doing pretty good but it can be bigger and better. With that said. How about we all do some advisement for the group to pull in more Rpers. As of right now we have 25 Main characters. These are User created characters. And out of those Users we have like 7 of use that actually Rp. I'm not complaining. 7 is pretty good for a Pokemon Rp group but I would love if that number went to like 12 or 15. But whatever happens happens. The story will continue even if its just us 7. And thank you u 6 rpers for being active and helping me out. I know everyone has their Real Lives to deal with but ya take a small amount of time and post here and that make me happy ^__^.

Now I'm not sure if everyone knows this but our first arch has started. It is Labeled PKMN: Road of Champions - ☆The Dinner Party Arch☆ . In that thread the beginning of the Main story will take place. Now to answer a for questions you guys might have.

Arch/Plot/Events Threads

What do we do in Arch Threads?
Well ya post lol. In Event/Archs or whatever ya wanna call them. The Main story of the Group takes place. Everything goes off what you post in that said Event. So you post accordingly in the Arch. Some Arch will required certain characters to be more involved. Like this current Arch All the Champions and Special guest Trainers are all the Main character and judging on all these characters interactions makes or breaks the story. But you can take your time and think on ur post. We can wait.

How Many Times can we Post in a Arch/Event?
As many times as you wish. You dont have to wait for someone else to post in the Arch. You make one Post and then another and so on. If you wish to continue the story and your tried of waiting on someone reply then by all means continue without them. If you wish to Use their Character OR a NPC in your post make sure you get it Oked with who ever is in charge of that said character. You all write the story in how you would like it to run. All I will do is follow your lead and add your ideas to my ideas.

Does it matter if our characters are still Rping with another outside the Arch?
Great question. When and Arch/Event is posted. The Arch/Event is much like a time skip. It is either the Present or the Future depending on the Arch. Most of the time the first post with let you know whats what. So basically it does not not matter. Your character can be in an Arch and in another thread at the same time BUT this is the only exception. So remember Events/Arch are like time skips so what ever your doing while the Event is going on is happening in the past and your kinda like building up to the event if you wish to be in the event.

How Long does an Event/Arch last?
Well depending on how big the event is and how many people are involved it can last for a few days at a time. I normally try to wrap things up once we have a good number of pages like 7 or 10. It all realy depends on how the story goes. But I will make a post stating he event will be ending. So theres no need to worry.

This is brought to you by the Lovely LamiaZlogonje. She has a very good idea on this subject so I thought this would be good for everyone to know.
NPC vs. Support Character

I will now specify the difference between the two types of NPCs and the difference between NPCs and Support Characters. As you know NPCs are technically Support Characters used to support or add some UMPH to the Storyline. But what makes NPCs more then just someone there to fill in the details, is how detailed and/or powerful they are.

The natural or common type of NPC is the NPC that is created just to be there in the story line. They are very detailed and strong in their own way (ex: background, personality, etc). These types of NPCs are Character Purpose NPCs, that are given life and add purpose or flair to someone's character. An example of this type of NPC is Chairmen Maxine "Max" Gibson, Lizzy "Liz' Taylor, Cynthia or The Great Pokemon Professors (in the NPCs Thread).

The second type of NPC is the NPC with just as much detail but are there to knock around the odds of survival. They are powerful, usually big rollers or the lone wolf of the group with something to give or something to loose. An example of this type of NPC is Xavier Jones,Red Kurosaki, Victor Onigami, Commander Jack, K and more (in the NPCs Thread).

Support Characters are lightly detailed enough to give your righting a good bit of detail. A good example is that your character is getting ready to eat and a waiter comes up to take your order. That waiter, the people in the background sitting, minding their own business and eating. They are all Support Characters, so that your writing is not bland and somewhat empty. These Support Characters are there to make the writing a good and realistic enough to catch attention. There are a few support/side characters in The PKMN: Road of Champions NCPs Thread. Shinsonic will move them to a thread called PKMN: Support. Where everyone in the group will be able to use these types of Characters.

Up Grading Your Pokemon Team

I bet everyone has been wonder. Are we going to be able to have more pokemon in a team? The answer to that is yes. the team Max total will be a max of 6 pokemon. This will go in effect after The First arc is done BUT ONLY those who participate in the Arch make add two more pokemon to their team. If your character is not apart of the Arch then you may NOT add to your team and can only have 4 pokemon until the next event. There is one exception to this. If you catch a Legend. More on that later. So those who are apart of the event/arch can start adding two Pokemon to your team. I will later post some on Bench Pokemon and Main Team.

I believe this covers up most things. Remember if you ever have a Question dont be afraid to ask me or a mod. We wont bite.

Upcoming Updates/Announcements
-How to Catch a Legend-
-Event Pokemon-
-Pokemon Teams-
-Side Stories-
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