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19 / F / Jabberwock Island
Posted 4/1/12 , edited 4/1/12
Here is your dorms.What?Thats it
Posted 4/30/12 , edited 5/1/12
Yoko: *sets down suitcase* I'll unpack later. *falls in bed*
Usagi: Tired?
Yoko: Yep.
Shiro: I wonder where the other roomates are?
Yoko: I dunno, kinda lonely...
Usagi: Aw, are you sad 'cuz your boyfriend isn't here?
Posted 6/3/12 , edited 6/3/12
Amika: So, here we are. Single dorm, 1K.
Miro: Let's unpack later, I wanna see everything.
Ringo: What Miro said.
Amika: All right then, you two, let's go. Where to first.
Miro: The classes, the classes! *dances in the air* I wanna see the dance class!
Ringo: No, the fields first. *mimes kicking a soccer ball*
Amika: How bout let's go to the closest, the classes.
Miro: Dealio!!!
Ringo: Whatever.
Amika: Come one then, you two.
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