Who is tobi?
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Posted 4/2/12 , edited 4/2/12
So by now we all know the mysterious "masked man" pretty well, and that kishimoto likes to tease the hell out of us as much as he can. He has shown us all his main abilities which are time space ninjutsu using his sharingan, kakashi has also shown that he can use similar abilities using the sharingan he obtained from obito uchiha. Now before i fully explain this theory, I will ask you all to keep in mind that since they introduced tobi, zetsu has been his right hand man.

Tobi has not just shown that he can use the abilities of the uchiha, but when he first used inzagai he also proved that he has both uchiha and senju linage which is why he is able to use the rinnegan. Now he has also shown in his fight against the fourth hokage that he is physically injured his body parts fall off and reproduce, kinda like zetsu. Danzo was proof that orochimaru experimented with the first hokages cells along with the sharingan to create inzangai. Orochimaru has also shown interest in young uchiha, and that he can reanimate the dead. What i believe is that orochimaru found obito uchihas body and used the first hokages cells to reconstruct it creating tobi as zetsus original.
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Posted 4/2/12 , edited 4/3/12
this goes back to the issue of Tobi being around before Obito even died, how do you explain that, he was minuplating the 4th Mizukage around the same time Obito died, this is one of the biggest issues revolving around Obito being Tobi.

also Kagami Uchiha was a pupil to the 2nd Hokage(Tobirama) who was a master of time/space jutsus which gives him first hand experince with them as well as enough time to aquire it considering that the time frame that happened in was about 40 years before Obito's death giving him enough time to learn time/space jutsus, also again Obito was nothing more then a 3rd rate ninja, why waste time using the body of a 3rd rate ninja when there are more then 50 other Uchiha's that are better then a Chunnin Level no-name in the Naruto world at that time, there where plenty of Uchiha's around and each way better then Obito, it makes no sense, Shisui would have been a better choice all things considered, even Sasuke's Father Fukaku Uchiha who was a Jonin would be a better choice to consider this with, not to mention even if Obito was fixed how does Tobi possess 2 Sharingan and is able to move about considering the wounds Obito got would be impossible to heal for any ninja of that era since it took Tsunade another estimated 30 years to be able to even fix someone with similiar injuries with only a 51% success rate.

sorry if I seem to dubt your theory, but evidence in the Manga proves otherwise to the fact of Tobi being Obito, there are to many factors that leave absolute dubt in my mind.
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