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Interview exercise in class
Posted 4/4/12 , edited 4/4/12
I came up with most of the questions, actually. But anyways, in response to sushipath, thanks for the advice. It's an assignment in our Digital Cultures class. You may not be able to see this assignment description page ( since you're not part of the class, but it says:

Digital Ethnography (20%): For this project you will work with a group of classmates to fully explore a variety of aspects of a single digital culture online. Your group will examine as many of the following: the digital "place" or "places" where that group meets (facebook, myspace, ning, wiki, listserv, website, flickr, blog, chat rooms, second life area, etc), their digital activities (writing, advocating, creating, etc), their language as a community (acceptable types of discourse, visual/verbal/oral forms of discourse, abbreviations or common--to that culture--expressions), their digital artifacts, their rituals (celebrations, habits, quirks, etc), the use of avatars in this community, the ways race, gender, and ability are performed by members, etc.

Begin by researching what an ethnography is, what ethnographers do to gather their research, and what ethical standards they follow. Then start researching to locate an online culture that is rich enough to support a thorough and interesting ethnography. Note that the culture you choose must be readily identifyable and researchable. They must also be willing to let you research them, interact with them, and, possibly, interview them. You will gather mostly primary data (participant-observations, interviews, surveys, etc), but you may incorporate some secondary research as well (articles, reports, academic works).

Your group will compose a hyperlinked article or website with at least 7 separate pages (and at least 2500 words) OR create a wiki article (with links to outside sources and at least two internal pages) of at least 2500 words OR develop a digital story that is at least 7 minutes long OR shoot and edit a video that is at least 10 minutes long OR record and edit a podcast that is at least 10 minutes long.

This project is due the last week of class. Your group will present this work to your peers and me, and then you will have no other work to submit for this class, and no exams to take.
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Posted 4/4/12 , edited 4/4/12

eclair-lumiere wrote:

Glad everyone is taking this so seriously XD

I think it is some kind of practical joke though anyway

Lol Really! If that were so, it would be like the worst joke ever. ^_-

1. What made you interested in Crunchyroll?
Originally I came here to watch anime.

2. Have you been a member of the community for long?
Not long, just starting posting like a week ago.

3. Tell us some facts about yourself. Age, gender, etc.
I'm 25, female.

4. Are you an active member of Crunchyroll?
Kinda I guess, I come here whenever I'm waiting on something or I have some free time.

5. Does the communication on Crunchyroll seem polite?
Sometimes and then sometimes not so much.

6. Do you have a lot of friends in the community?
Nope. I have zero friends here. After reading most of the threads I think am too mature to make friends with most of the people here.

7. Will you stay a member for a while?
Maybe, just depends on the amount of free time I have in the future.

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