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jeniebunny wrote:

ReOkitaUchiha wrote:

jeniebunny wrote:

Elizabeth: I grin and then hug you "Thanks a ton" i say as i start to laugh at all the flour that just got on both of us

Jeremy: i look into the trees and notice Gale's hair "Hey.." i say to him before he comes into the clearing we are in

Gale: I nod at Jeremy and then look at Amanda and Katniss "So what are you guys up to?" i ask them as i walk into the clearing and stand next to amanda

(Thanks so much it does help me.)

Peeta: I hug you as well and laughing as i see the flour get on us "Oh look we're ghosts heheh and your welcome."

Katniss: "Hunting lover boy shold Jeremy and i go somewere so you can be alone."I say as i laugh at you both.

Amanda: I smile and i hold his hand "Katniss"I giggle a bit.

Gale: "well catnip what are you guys doing sitting around" i ask while grining while i hold Amanda's hand

Elizabeth: I grin "Sooo are you worried about the reaping" i ask as i look at the flour on your face and realize that this might be one of the last times we see each other

Jeremy: "Talking about stuff... which now that i think about it we should really stop talking about depressing things" i say smiling at Gale and Amanda

Peeta: "I'm worried about it but it is life just wish for it to stop why must we still sufer."I say as i brush off the flour that was on my face and i go back to work.

Katniss: "Good idea Jeremy lets just end it with we hate the end cameing game."I say as i want Gale and Amanda to share this time together becues thay do not know if it's thier last. "Gale, Amanda has something she wants to tell you."

Amanda: I blush red as i hold his hand and i look at him "Umm well, Gale i really like you more then a friend."I tell him as my heart breats fast in my chest i can feel it agessed my bones.
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