Spartacus: Vengeance
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Posted 4/3/12 , edited 4/3/12
I'm just curious if it's worth watching because i loved the first season with andy whitfield and the second season was okay... but the third season, the sequel to blood and sand, is hard to get into. I know they replaced andy, can't be helped, they replaced naevia, with someone horrendous looking, and i hear rumors that they made agron gay! So, do you think the series is ruined?
Posted 4/12/12 , edited 4/13/12
Yes they made Agron gay! DX And yes I think the series is ruined. Oenomaus dies. Mira dies. Ashur dies. Lucretia dies. Spartacus' baby dies. And there will be a 4th season. Yay...
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Posted 4/17/12 , edited 4/18/12
I always like to watch different and new TV show in my free time. the watching TV show is my all time best and favorite past time....

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