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Posted 4/3/12 , edited 4/3/12
Howdy folks!..sorry its been so long ( not exactly weekly eh?)..i havent got the excuse of being held in a secret CIA base or being abducted by aliens.
Im here now,and before matron finds me and takes me back to the ward i'll tell you what ive been up to!

This anime blew me away..Its basically the story of a young guy living on his own,going to college and with his future unwritten..
Through a tragic incident,he's left looking after his sisters children ( she is also his only family ) and finds it hard going,he's offered a way out, a way to offfload them onto other relatives..but this means breaking the three girls up..3,10 and 14 yrs old. He decides to keep them and raise them as his own out of love for his sister and the girls themselves.
Im finding it to be a great series with excellent charachters and a good strong story..and of course this young man-Yuuta who has stepped up to the plate and is bringing these girls up AND working AND trying to go to college too.
This is the sort of guy i can get behind,who i can relate too and it shows the strength of the human spirit.
Its the story of a true hero :)

What happens when you've been looking forward to a game SOOOOOOOO much it hurts,that you've literally been counting down the hours until its release day and then..and then...its terrible,a real let down?
This maybe?

A bit over dramatic maybe?..perhaps not..
In recent months theres been a whole load of games released..some great and some truelly terrible. The worst though are the ones that show real promise,and everyone is getting excited about it-fans,gaming press etc...and when it comes out and is mediocre or plain terrible,it can be a crushing blow to people.
Is the lesson that we shouldent build our hopes up too much? to temper our enthusiams? i dont think so.
Its part of the fun,learning about the game,getting psyched about playing it and maybe playing with friends online.
We just have to realise even our favourite and trusted games publishers can drop the ball sometimes.
Its just that it can be a real downer when they do bring out sub-par games :(

Now im guessing that as your on here you'll be no stranger to Asian films and culture-to some extent.
Ive always loved films from Japan and Hong Kong,but i think my favourites are from Korea.

Above is a poster for the film 'THE HOST'..a GREAT monster film with brilliant charachters and acting-watch it!
Ive found that whether or not its a drama,a sci-fi film or a war film the one thing that is true of all of them is that they have great stories and a good cast of actors.
Im particulary partial to Korean war films,which are always pretty harowing to watch,but engrossing and very involving.
If you havent tried it yet,why not try a Korean film in your spare might be pleasently surprised!


I thought id give this flavour of Kit Kat a used to the relatively normal ones here in the UK-choc,orange,mint.
I quite like green tea on occassion,and i LOVE chocolate! like to say i enjoyed it.
i cant :(...i found the flavour was pretty weak,a bit too subtle even for green tea and its 'unique' taste was not to my liking ( not to mention the gangrene looking green colour..ugh!)
A shame..but you cant win them say this is a novelty flavour and not one to choose over a regular Kit Kat ( unless your a green tea fanatic!)

Also, in answer to my previous post about Ramune drinks ,i thought id include the names of the places where you can buy them and try for yourselves-in case you didnt know where to go!

J-LIST.COM...Brilliant company for a variety of your Japanese snack needs! Based in the U.S
JAPANESEKITCHEN.CO.UK...same as above but in the UK and specialising in food.
CYBERCANDY UK..they do stock Japanese candy/sweets

well,thats it for now..have a great week everyone,and a happy Easter!!

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Posted 4/3/12 , edited 4/3/12
Apologies for the intro not making complete sense!..the site cut off a whole section of my blog entry! ;(
The anime at top is 'LISTEN TO ME,GIRLS. IM YOUR FATHER!" just in case you wondered.
Ill add the bit that got chopped in another entry..

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