National World PKNM League Tower
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The World PKNM League Tower

National World PKNM League Tower, it is the headquaters of the World PKMN League. It is located in the heart of the Sinnoh Region.

The World PKNM League was started and created by Jo Gibson. He believed that the 7 different Pokemon Leagues should co-exist and operate under as one League instead of 7 individuals leagues. He was in charge of the Indigo(Kanto Region) League, Indigo(Johto Region) League, Hoenn Region League, Sinnoh Region League,Orre Region Colosseum League and Orange Island Region League. He also is the one who created a new title that surpassed being just a League Champion. The World Champion Title is earned by a a trainer who has won the grand, the biggest, and the most popular World Pokemon League Tournament called the PokeGrand Prix. Which is a 3 day event where League Champions, Former Champions, and even Pokemon Master Trainers complete in to gain the greatest honor in being a Pokemon trainer, The World Champion Title. Which was first obtained by Xavier Jones, a Master who held the Title for 25 years.

After Jo's passing on, his Granddaughter, Maxine "Max" Gibson, became the New President and Chairmen of the National World PMKN League 5 years ago. When Maxine enter the World PMKN League. She created a new League, called the Legendary League. Making it 8 differnet Leagues under the World Pokemon League.
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