2012 Formula 1 Season
Posted 4/4/12 , edited 4/4/12
Couldn't find a forum page for Formula 1 so I decided to make one
Please discuss your favourite teams/drivers, race predictions etc. here

The drivers I always watch closely are Jenson Button of McLaren, Kamui Kobayashi and Sergio Perez of Sauber and Paul Di Desta of Force India. So far I think Jenson has been doing well, Kamui needs to up his game to keep up with Sergio who performed amazingly in Malaysia (he should of won that race!) and Di Resta is showing great improvement every race

An early prediction for who will win the season: Jenson Button

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Posted 4/26/12 , edited 4/26/12
would really love to see button win ^__^

though Vettel is super cool n RBR is back on track
Posted 4/27/12 , edited 4/28/12
Please, anyone but Alonso.
Posted 7/9/12 , edited 7/9/12
Looks like my early prediction was way off, Button is doing terribly right now
Still, I'm enjoying watching Kobayashi
And with so many winners this year already its anyone's guess as to who the champion will be
Alonso is the favourite right now, he's been the most consistent, has won 2 races (only Webber equalling him and no one's done better)
And as the points show he's been the most consistent in races
I'm not a fan of Ferrari, I'm hoping maybe Lotus pull out a few victories in the near future
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Posted 7/19/12 , edited 7/20/12
Alonso is my guy, even though I dont like Ferrari. Anyone but Hamilton is ok with me.
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Posted 10/4/12 , edited 10/4/12
So fellas, who was the bigger idiot in the Hamilton/McLaren situation?
Posted 10/11/12 , edited 10/11/12
one word: Ferrari
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M / Cali
Posted 10/31/12 , edited 10/31/12
Vettel is on fire.
Posted 10/31/12 , edited 11/1/12
Vettel.. Although I'd like Hamilton to take the lead..
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26 / M / Reading, England
Posted 11/4/12 , edited 11/4/12
Pretty sure Vettel will win the championship..... again :S
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30 / F / mexico
Posted 1/5/13 , edited 1/5/13
By now Im a little disappointed. I mean, Vettel won this year, I thought that the tittle was for Alonso.

This year was really good. Now to wait for 2013.
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