Animethon 19 August 10-12, 2012.
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What is Animethon?
Animethon is a Japanese Animation (“anime”) themed festival held annually in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have expanded our focus beyond screening anime and now also include voice actor guests from North America, musical acts from North America and Japan, improvisation groups, as well as various related activities such as gaming, costume contests, and more. Animethon

Special Guest Announcement
Who will be there?
Last year we had the pleasure of hosting a musical act from Japan, Bespa Kumamero, and we were flabbergasted at how many people attended the concert. So for Animethon 19 we will be having another guest from Japan. DaizyStripper!

Vocals: YU-GIRI
Guitar: MAYU
Guitar: NAO
Bass: Rei
Drums & Piano: KAZAMI

With the founding of the band in March 2007 and a demonstration in live performance on June 5th of the same year, DaisyStripper began their band activities. Later, on June 18th Their first event called “Sakuran strip" under their own patronage took place on August 23rd, accompanied by the release of their first demo CD, which’s sales were limited to the number visitors of that day. On February 13th of 2009 their first Single+DVD: Dandalion was released, however, limited to four Like an Edison stores and was soon sold out. The second press of the CD was sold equally as well and was DaizyStripper’s first record to reach the TOP of the ORICON indies charts.

One year from their founding their name echoed through all of Japan, as they took the chance to perform at AJINOMOTO Stadium for hide’s memorial event [hide memorial summit]. Although only playing three songs, they certainly reached the hearts of the well 30,000 people, who attended the event. From both Japanese and Overseas Fans they have been well recognized and praised. In June of the same year, DaisyStripper gave their first one man show at shibuya BOXX, also conducted as their 1st Anniversary event! More than 40 journalists showed their interest in this live! Even among people outside the Visual-kei scene it became highly popular!

From July DaisyStripper went out to play a nationwide tour, which SOLD OUT completely for all eight locations! At their TOUR FINAL which was held at Ebisu Liquid Room. Their first Mini Album was sure to follow on November 4th being titled [THE BEAUTY]. All six songs on the album certainly proved to be of high quality and originality, which was certainly pursued by the band, with their hard work being rewarded with ranking 2nd within the ORICON indies charts.

In 2011, the band had the show overseas for the first time, where was in Taiwan and the fans were overwhelmed.
Their 9th single, “Setsubou no Freesia” became an ending theme for “YU-GI-OH"
DaizyStripper will be making a big step in 2012…..

DaizyStripper is appearing for the first time in Canada at Animethon 19 in association with J-Rock North Promotions and Beyond Max Inc.
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