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Posted 4/8/12 , edited 4/8/12
1. question: Is Croatia a state or a smaller country?

2. question: How is the Capital of Croatia called?

3. question: Which city is in the down-low corner of Croatia with pretty sea shore?

4. question: Which three colours are in Croatian flag?

5. question: In which provance is the Pula city?


1. question: A smaller country.

2. question: Zagreb.

3. question: Dubrovnik.

4. question:
Red, white, blue.

5. question: In Istria.


1 question = 1 score.

1 question correct, 4 questions incorrect = 1 score=

UGH! You should definetely read the group profile again or perhaps search Internet a little bit. You absolutely don't know something good about Croatia. But don't worry! Read a little bit more and learn!

2 questions correct, 3 questions incorrect = 2 scores =

You know okay the facts about Croatia but if you want to know real stuff about Croatia you really need to look at Google Maps, search the Internet and try to learn more!

3 questions correct, 2 questions incorrect = 3 scores =

You are pretty good in knowledge about this country! If you want you can try harder but this is almost excellent!

4 questions correct, 1 question incorrect = 4 scores =

Very good! Almost completely perfect knowledge! You are almost on the top!

5 question correct, no mistakes = 5 scores =

AWESUM! You know all the "basic" stuff from group's profile and that means you fully readed it! You are good as a real moderator and you can be that! Just apply!

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