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Posted 4/8/12 , edited 4/8/12
I love the ability to watch anime through my tablet or iPhone, but I feel the app is missing some features that would really make it a great app.

1) I would really like to see a favorites list added. Basically, the use of this is to mark down your favorite shows on crunchyroll so you can either revisit them, or continue the ones you are currently watching. Sometimes it can be a pain to scroll through them all to find what you were watching, especially if you just picked something up and can't remember the name. Also, when you favorite something, it should show a star on the corner of the series image when looking through other lists it belongs to (i.e. Winter 2012, Comedy, etc.)

2) It would also be nice if the app displayed the air date for currently simulcast series. Sometimes I forget which day each comes out.

3) Notifications when a new episode comes out for a favorite.

4) Rather than simply an app to watch anime, I'd love to be able to see the news feed through the app.

5) Search.

6) New episodes feed.

One of these days I might make a mockup for what I'd like to see out of the app, but yeah...there's a lot that could be done to enhance it. The manga app "Mango" or "Pocket Manga" does a good job of handling the following: search titles (though, when you search it only searches first word), set favorites, set notifications or new chapters for each favorite separately (in case you want notifications for some titles and not others). Might be a good reference for some new features for Crunchyroll.

By the way, at least for favorites notifications, it could be a premium feature, to give another reason to join the premium membership!
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Posted 4/11/12 , edited 4/11/12

Great suggestions and I'll pass these along to the development team.
If you have more going forward, please use the Suggestions thread!
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