Favorite Villain in OP
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Posted 4/9/12 , edited 4/9/12
OP has always had the best villains but who are ure favorites?
my top 5 are
5 Blackbeard- Has the same ambition as luffy just goes about it in a more evil way
4. Sakazuki aka Akainu- does what a villain should i hate him with a passion
3. Crocodile- looks and acts like a pirate should but has become more of an ally than an enemy
2. Don flamingo- interesting devil fruit also his speech on justice made him pretty awesome
1. Rob Lucci- the only guy that ever truly overpowered luffy physically and his tenacity to complete an order is cool to
Posted 4/16/12 , edited 4/16/12
I don't really have an definite favourite, but I've never thought that a villain in One Piece was lame from a character POV.

- I villain which I have truly hated would have the Akainu, he just has a blackening aura which makes me dislike him.

- The villain which got under my skin and who I really wanted to see get beat up the most was Bellamy. But Luffy sorted him out

- If I had to pick, I think my favourite villain (if you can still call him one) would have to be Buggy . Just everything to do with Impel Down and Marineford which involved Buggy made me crack up. Soooo much Luck!
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Posted 11/5/12 , edited 11/6/12
definitely caesar clown. i was just in awe at how EVIL he is. i mean, wtf happened to him to make him like this?
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