Do you guys want Fan Forums for animes you like?

Posted 4/11/12 , edited 4/11/12
As the question goes, i was thinking of making forums of certain animes (depending on people choice) and in those forums they could discuss about their opinions and ideas of the animes. But i first want to know if people really will want these kinds of forums and to see what they think of the idea, to tell the true, i believe is a great way to get people to become more active and less shy

If you have any suggestions or opinions, just post it, remember, there's never a bad idea no matter how crazy it is
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Posted 4/11/12 , edited 4/15/12
I like fan forum idea.
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Posted 4/14/12 , edited 4/15/12
I think it's a good idea. ^^
Posted 4/17/12 , edited 4/17/12
sounds like a brillient idea...of cource it mean id be all over the place
Posted 4/17/12 , edited 4/18/12
good, i will wait for 6 more votes to start the fan forums
Posted 4/20/12 , edited 4/20/12
I think it's perfect. Then we can narrow down what we talk about in the forums and the topics won't be all over the place.
Posted 5/17/12 , edited 5/18/12
whoohoo! we gots 7
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Posted 6/7/12 , edited 6/8/12
I say yes. as long as its ones that aren't up already. i've seen WAAAY too many Bleach and Naruto forums, threads, and the like on other sites.

Ones for Blue Gender, Outlaw Star, and Big O wouldn't be bad. But a lot of people I talk to don't know of those anymore. Sad, Very, Very Sad.
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Posted 6/7/12 , edited 6/8/12
sounds like fantastic idea especially for those people that like a mixture of animes they can make new friends on crunchy roll and talk about there favorite shows
Posted 6/13/12 , edited 6/14/12
That's definitely a good idea.
Posted 6/15/12 , edited 6/15/12
haha! now theres 11 votes! sweet
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