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Post Reply Ancient Ruins
Posted 4/17/12 , edited 4/17/12
"I must be getting close."

Aleister continued to run deeper and deeper into the ruins.

"This place is huge. Where could it be?"
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You end up in the middle of an intersection with guards quickly filling up all of your possible routes.

"There's nowhere for you to run! There's nowhere for you to hide! Surrender now! This is your final warning!"

A single guard shouts as the rest of them aim their weapons and ready themselves to fire at you.
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Aleister looked around and heard what the guard said.

"Like hell i will!"

He looks at the guard that did the talking and performed Spiral Pain.
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The guard and the guards around him were instantly killed.


Another guard from another side shouted and all the guards began to fire at Aleister. It was like a war zone. The only difference was that it was only 1 against many. It was getting hard to see as the dust rose from the ground.

"Keep firing! Don't stop!"
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"Is that all you Magic Council guards got?"

Before the dust could settle, Aleister performed Distort Shield. Before the incoming attack can reach him, Aleister twists it, distorting its trajectory unnaturally and sending it back to the ones who employed them, thus remaining unscathed.

"Die by your own hands!"

All the guards get hit by their own attack and fall to the ground. To finish them off, Aleister attacked them with Distort Blade while laughing. After attacking, he quickly searched for a survivor and interrogated the guard for answer to the location of the skull he was looking for.
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The guard Aleister had found was a high ranking officer among the guards.

"I knew it. So you really were here for 'it'. But i'm not talking."

Unfortunately, the guard was a well trained veteran with many years of experience behind him.

"I'd rather die than tell you."

Once he was done talking, the guard spat in Aleister's face.
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Aleister wiped the spit off his face and could be seen to be very angry.

"I'm gonna make you regret those words."

He suddenly grows in size and turns himself into a monster with nails which can extend and are strong enough to go through a person.


Aleister begins to tear into the guards stomach and gouge out his intestines.
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The guard screams out loud before he dies of the pain and blood loss.
Posted 4/17/12 , edited 4/17/12
The guard wasn't dead. He only fainted. It was merely an illusion. Aleister had only stabbed the guard.

"Wake up!"

Aleister slaps the guard awake and asks again.

"Now tell me. Where is the skull?"
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The guard wakes up, shaking from the fright.


He answers and spits at Aleister's face again.
Posted 4/17/12 , edited 4/17/12
Aleister repeated what he did over and over and over and over again many times. Until at one point the guard spoke. The will and the mind of the guard was in pieces and the body was no longer in any state to resist. Once the guard told him, Aleister left the guard there to bleed to death. Now that he knew where the skull was, Aleister headed straight for it.
Posted 4/17/12 , edited 4/17/12
What the guard left out was that the object was being guarded by the most elite and skilled among the guards present. There are 5 of them and each of them can are skilled with using an elemental Magic.
Posted 4/17/12 , edited 4/17/12
Aleister arrives close to his goal and notices 5 guards. He began to get curious as to why only 5 guards were guarding the object when they could send so many earlier.

"Something is not right."

Not wanting to take the chance, Aleister performed Invisibility and walked in undetected.
Posted 4/17/12 , edited 4/17/12
The 5 guards where standing in a pentagram formation around the object. 1 false moves, the smallest mistake, if any of the five guards notices you. This could very well cost you your very life. With all the alarms going off, the 5 elite guards were now on high alert.
Posted 4/17/12 , edited 4/17/12
Aleister sneaks in the space between 2 of them and makes his way towards the skull. Once he was there, Aleister took it and made a run for it.
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