[2012~KDrama] THE CHASER / Father's War
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Posted 4/13/12 , edited 5/25/12

Title: 추적자 / The Chaser
Chinese Title: 追擊者
Previously Known as: 아버지의 전쟁 / Father’s War
Director: Jo Nam-Kook (Definitely Neighbors~2010, City of Glass~2008, How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor~2007)
Writer: Park Kyeong-soo (Father's War~2012, The Legend~2007)
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-May-28 to 2012-July-17
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

Detective Baek Hong Suk (Son Hyun Joo) lost his 15-year-old daughter in a car accident and his wife died from shock shortly afterwards. He then searches for the truth related to his daughter’s death and learns that her death is tied into a conspiracy.

Reporter Seo Ji Won (Go Joon Hee) is the daughter of a large corporation Owner. She helps Detective Baek Hong Suk to uncover the truth on his daughter’s death. While covering the story, she finds out that her brother-in-law Kang Dong Yoon (Kim Sang Jung), a top presidential candidate, is involved in corruption. She then comes into conflict between her family and the truth.

~"War of Father" takes over the SBS Monday & Tuesday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Fashion King".
~Early working Korean title was 아버지의 전쟁 "Father's War," but then changed to 추적자 "The Chaser".

Main Cast
Son Hyun Joo as Baek Hong Suk
Kim Sang Jung as Kang Dong Yoon
Go Joon Hee as Seo Ji Won
Kim Sung Ryung as Seo Ji Soo
Jang Shin Young as Shin Hye Ra
Park Hyo Joo as Detective Jo
Kang Shin Il as Detective Hwang
Ryu Seung Soo as Choi Jung Woo

Supporting Cast
Lee Hye In as Baek Soo Jung
Kim Do Yun as Song Mi Yeon
Park Geun Hyung as Company president Seo
Juh No Min as Seo Young Wook
Nam Da Reum as Kang Min Sung
Choi Joon Yong as Yoon Chang Min
Jo Jae Yoon as Park Yong Sik
Jun Gook Hwan as Jang Byung Ho
Song Jae Ho as Yoo Tae Jin
Ryohei Otani as Director Bae Sang Moo
Lee Yong Woo as PK Joon

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Posted 4/20/12 , edited 4/20/12

Ko Joon-hee cast for "Father's War"

Actress Ko Joon-hee has been cast for the SBS "Fashion King" follow-up "Father's War".

The role Ko Joon-hee has landed on is reporter Seo Ji-won who is also the daughter of a major company chairman but a very humanist person who doesn't like to show off that fact. She stands in conflict when she discovers secrets about her family while helping a detective unravel his daughter's death.

Ko Joon-hee is about to show intricacy as a reporter unlike the free image she's been showing in the drama "Twelve Men in a Year".

"Father's War" is about a detective looking for the truth behind his 15-year old daughter's death and Son Hyeon-joo and Kim Sang-joong have been cast so far.

Credit : Hancinema
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Posted 4/27/12 , edited 4/27/12

Jang Sin-yeong stars in new SBS drama "The Chaser - Drama"

Actress Jang Sin-yeong is continuously working.Popular for the SBS morning drama "Bride of the Sun" that ended at the end of last month, Jang Sin-yeong confirmed a role in the new SBS drama "The Chaser - Drama" (previously known as "Father's War").

"The Chaser - Drama" is a drama which a detective and a father digs for the truth after losing his teenage daughter in a hit-and-run accident and Jang Sin-yeong takes on the role of a presidential candidate Kim Sang-joong's right hand woman Sin Hye-ra who conflicts with Son Hyeon-joo the detective. Sin Hye-ra is a femme fatale with an intelligent image who has beauty and an extreme brain. She has a painful past which drives her to be the passionate woman who will sacrifice or do anything bad for what she wants

Having taken a break after "Bride of the Sun", Jang Sin-yeong said, "I was fascinated by the concentration and gathering of talented casts that I had to decide to do it right away".

Other casts of "The Chaser - Drama" includes Son Hyeon-joo, Kim Sang-joong, Kim Seong-ryeong, Park Hyo-joo, Ko Joon-hee and more. It is written by Park Kyeong-soo and produced by Jo Nam-gook.

It will be aired on the 28th of next month after "Fashion King".

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Posted 5/28/12 , edited 5/28/12

Pilot Episode Rating :

Nationwide: 9,3%
Seoul: 10,3%

Nationwide: 10,0%
Seoul: 12,6%

1. MBC Light & Shadow leads - AGB: 20,3% / 24,0% ; TNS: 18,7% / 23,2%
2. SBS The Chaser - AGB: 9,3% / 10,3%, ; TNS: 10,0% / 12,6%
3. KBS2 Love Rain - AGB: 5,3% / 6,2% ; TNS: 5,0% / 6,1%
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Posted 7/11/12 , edited 7/11/12

"THE CHASER - Drama" breaks through 20%

SBS drama "THE CHASER - Drama" broke through 20% and became the newest power out of dramas. According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 11th, "THE CHASER - Drama" rated 20.7%. This is 2.8% more than the previous 17.9% and is the best viewing percentage yet.

"THE CHASER - Drama" ranked first place for the first time after "Lights and Shadows". It filled up the empty space left by "Lights and Shadows". "THE CHASER - Drama" has been capturing the attention of viewers with its tense spread out and conflicts of characters.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV "Big" rated 8.9% and MBC "Golden Time" 7.8%.

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