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Howdy folks!
Hope you've all had a good week ;)
Now then..where to begin....


The other day i tried to play a game of Blaz Blue on my 360.I say tried as i think my dog would have been in with a good shot at beating me!-i was terrible!!
I remember the days of hanging out in the local video store and being king at games like Street Fighter 2 and Pit Fighter (major points if you remember that one!!). I was even pretty darn good at SF2 on the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis,and Soul Caliber on the PS 1..i LOVED fighting games!
Unfortunately fighting games have moved on quite a bit..They are blindingly fast now,with opponents thinking several moves ahead and knowing the very frame rate and hit-boxs of these moves!
I was outclassed in every way..i literally just could not comprehend what the hell was-or ather HAD just gone on!
Was i too old now?, i have excellent reflexes on BattleField 3..but maybe my style of fighting and the modern game have parted ways and are just not compatible.
I wont totally give up on fighting games..but for now ill take my leave and hold on to the memories of better,simpler..and MUCH slower times!


If you havent watched this show-showing on CR now!!- then i highly recommend you do. Its about a group of teens at a Japanese high school who are in a club that helps people out with all sorts of different problems-no matter how strange and bizzare!
Ive just watched the lateset episodes and am absolutely in love with this keeps getting better and better in my opinion. It has all the things i love..great charachters,story,artwork,comedy,and brilliant opening and closing credits!
Just thought id share it with you-though im guessing most of you will already be watching it! :)


Ahhh FF8's ballroom the start of the game. There has never been-and i doubt ever will be-such an elegant,heartwarming and beautiful scene in video games. Really Wolf? Yes really! my friends! Ive played many great games and seen many many great things in them. For me thought there are only really TWO standout moments in 25 yrs of playing games.
The above ballroom sequence is one-watch it on youtube,or play the BRILLIANT game to get the full impact..and the other? Final Fanatasy 7..Aeris's death scene.
Now im a fairly hardened individual and dont easily show emotion..but when i got to where Aeris died in FF7?..i openly cried-for real! ive seen terrible things when i was in the military..but that scene blew me away.
If you havent played the game,go and play it..DONT watch it on youtube as it will not have the same impact.
If it doesnt at least make you a bit sad..then your either not human-or theres something seriously wrong with me!?! ;)

*Incidentally i rate FF7 as the BEST game ever made-period!


The above is 'WRESTLE WARS' on the SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis and the hardest game ive ever played.
Im sure you've all had moments of hardship in games..bosses you cant beat-until you learn their weaknesses etc and other fairly normal problems.
The hardships im actually talking about though are the true Zen grandmaster super evil grade hard moments!
This wrestling game was the only one out for a while when i was a kid,we all played it..and didnt really enjoy it as it had one level of difficulty..UBER HARD!!-(im sure if it could laugh in a deep demonic way it would have!!)
I wasnt going to take that from a game though..i played it for hour upon hour..long beyond any sane gamer would have gone-after all it was a pretty poor game in all honesty.
In the end,after a LOOOOOOOONG stint of playing i got to the final boss..and i beat him.
No fan fare,no amazing victory screen..nothing.
All i had were the blisters from manically rubbing my finger tips across the controls-the ONLY way to beat the game i ever found-..and my sense of achievment of having beaten a truelly horrifically hard game-my first and doubtless not my last..

Id love to hear if anyone else has had a similar epic gaming moment!

Thats about it for now mes amis..have a great weekend/week..and happy gaming!

Wolfsan ;)

PS- As for what im playing?..BattleField 3!..enjoying some of the new changes..maybe ill write about them if theres enough interest.
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