Richard Epcar characters vs. Chuck Norris
Posted 4/14/12 , edited 4/14/12
("so stupid its funny" cheesiness is intended)

Once upon a time, there was a dragon named Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris ruled over many lands with the immense power of the Roundhouse Tail Whip, he wouldn't let any other forms of humor be awesome at all. One day, a voice came along forshadowing the outcome of the story you are reading (FOURTH WALL BREAKING!!!) where he is said to be slain by a team of four (four=death in Japanese) brave warriors (okay, maybe two of them aren't) that are linked to someone who may have greater power throughout the multiverse! Chuck Norris sent his minions to defeat them for he feared not being the only form of acceptable comedy.

The four warriors were Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (obvious), Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts), Etemon (Digimon) and Myotismon (also from Digimon) (there were going to be five, but Ryu The Horned Owl didn't want to have Gatchaman jokes poked at him), they met at the "I was voiced by Richard Epcar" club. There plan was a very strange one, but one capable of combining all of their talents, battle Chuck Norris in the style of a turn-based Role Playing Game.

The warriors were assaulted by strange minions in Cowboy-esque attire. Fortunately, our heroes (wait a second, three of them are villains!) fought back with the powers of pure blind randomness, black magic, really bad Elvis referencing singing and looking into their soul....

The greatest team of characters were now ready (The pace seems really fast doesn't it?) to face one of the greatest threats to English humor since the mid 2000s.

After a very short walk with no monsters, ogres, thieves or any other fantasy cliche, they reached the castle of Chuck Norris.

Before Chuck Norris could use his tail, Bobobo used a SUPER FIST OF THE NOSE HAIR!!! RPG BATTLE!!!

Everything was now 8-bit computer graphics.

What will Bobobo do?

Dance Comb Afro
Run Irrelevence <-

What will Xehanort do?

OWN with Keyblade cast a spell for invulnerability
Run Disproportionate Retribution with the power of darkness <-

What will Etemon do?

Sing comically badly<- Write corny lyrics
Run Watch a concert of himself

What will Myotismon do?

Give the Death Stare Drink the data from your soul....

They all have the same speed stat, thus it all was so powerful Chuck Norris was now defeated, but they blew up the very royal castle where one is crowned for humor...
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