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Posted 4/15/12 , edited 4/15/12

Thats right THE WITCHER 2 is coming to 360 very soon!
If you havent heard about it yet, then let me fill you in.
Its a serious RPG game set in a large well imagined world. You play the part of Geralt of Rivia who is the Witcher of the title.Witchers are monster hunters and travel the lands offering their slaying skills for money.
The world is packed full of monsters,so business is good! The Witchers have a variety of different skills and abbilities..but all of them are deadly with a sword,and preter-naturally fast.

There is a variety of enemies in the world..from the small fry-goblin types and bandits to much bigger and deadlier opponents. There are plenty of human enemies to deal with too and they are best dispatched with the second of the two swords you carry-the steel one.
The first sword,and the Witchers trademark weapon is a huge silver broadsword-used for slaying supernatural creatures.
There are a variety of potions to use that will boost your skills and abbilities..BUT..they must be used before big battlesetc as you cannot chug them down mid battle as is the norm in rpgs.
So choose carefully what potions you think will aid you most in your adventures..but keep an eye on how many and what type you take,as the Witchers potions are quite toxic and too many is not good for you!

You will not be alone in your'll have other charachters with you at certain parts and some are quite important to the storyline and quests. You will be able to pick up quests from npcs and it will be up to you to decide how to solve them..use force or use diplomacy? Take things at face value or dig deeper? whatever you decide and how you play will have an effect on how the world changes and how the game ends..only you can decide whats the 'right' choice!

This is not just a straight port of the PC game,its a fully reworked version just for the Xbox360!
The game creators have made the game run as optimally as it can on the 360,graphics,sound and even the controls have all been tailored to the 360s abbilities.
Admitedlly its not going to be as good as a high end PC..but one look at the demos will show you the hard work thats been put in has payed off..its looking amazing!.

Im truelly excited by this game..i felt a little let down by DragonAge2 and am hungry for more rpg goodness. I liked Skyrim,but i preffer the 'DragonAge' style of gaming..and i think this game will make me a very happy bunny!

"Thats great Wolfsan..but whens it out already!!"..i hear you cry..well my friends,you wont have to wait long to get your hands on s out this coming week APRIL 17TH 2012! yep..a couple of days and its yours!


Thats about it for this quick little preview...i urge you to check out the demos on Youtube or Xbox marketplace just to see how nice its looking..hopefully the gameplay wont let us down either-and by all accounts ive heard,its spot on !

There is talk of a release on the PS3 too..the game creators had to finish the 360 version first. So fingers crossed PS3 users!

Thats all!..any comments welcome
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Posted 4/20/12 , edited 4/20/12
In case you've read this and wonder if the game has turned out ok? has!!
I have been playing off and on all week and am happy to say that its excellent and has really raised the bar in terms of rpgs on consoles.
Great graphics and sound and though it can be a tad hard in parts,it has good gameplay and a very engaging storyline.

If you can, go and get it it now!
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