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Needs input on a novel idea I have
Posted 4/30/12 , edited 5/5/12
The above story is something like Kingdom Hearts and Tsubasa since it's a crossover, but of what, is for me to know and a mystery to most and only three alternate worlds to lower the clustering.

Continuing with earlier, the father who is not one yet so at the beginning, meets the one who later becomes his wife in one world when the villain burns her entire village to the ground. He protects her as she was the only survivor and supposedly beats the villain. The trauma was so intense that the mother to be developed pyrophobia. After a lot of therapy and meetings with her "knight in shining armor" for trying to help her get a new home and making her feel less alone, they chat, fall in love etc. He removes stoves from the kitchen after seeing a pyrophobia episode out of concern and guilt.

When their child is born, he is named for the dad, but in a different language, this is symbolic as this means that father and son are based on me at different points in time.

When the villain from earlier steals their son, the dad tells the mom not to come with him, as he fears that if their child is beaten in front of her, he would never forgive himself for letting the monsterous being traumatize her twice, she understands the logic. As mentioned earlier, the monster beats up the little 10 year old and though the dad tried his most honest effort, he starts labeling himself and the big bad escapes, mocking him with insults like, "aw, did Mr. Hero get a heart-ache boo-boo? Well guess what? I LIVE for killing happy feelings!".

It is believed their son is dead, the damage felt by him was unspeakably sad, to the point of crying for over 6 hours on end. So she comforts him and says, "you helped me though my first trauma, now I will help you through yours," she still feels sad about the child for a while, but of course he took it much worse since it was witnessed firsthand.

And that's just the first quarter of the key characters in my crossover as I'm planning a series of novels. He does snap out of the poor self-esteem towards the end.
Posted 5/4/12 , edited 5/4/12
Based on my once hypersensitive erotophobia that dropped to a fear that can be discussed rather than "DEFEND YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES" logic.

Had another plan for a potentially messed up story that is pretty dark, but quite happy in other parts:

Backstory through flashback: guy was raped and nearly killed by a Succubus at 14, is physically aggressive about it until the main story

Main Story: a female dhampir (yes, a dhampir, a gender flip of roles AND a twist of what most would expect) helps him open up enough to not jump to the conclusion that all girls are trying to assault him and the Succubus tries to get him again, so they team up and beat the Succubus. Though the guy is still mentally altered, he is no longer suspicious of everything that moves and can still be in a soothing to imagine relationship with the dhampir.
Posted 6/12/12 , edited 6/13/12
Now to share more of Plan A AKA Project Q in more detail, close to final plan:
This is just 1 arc.

In an alternate universe where 4 gods and goddesses from mythology appear as supporting characters with sci-fi versions: The legendary bounty hunter Quadragon who is said to be the ultimate being has questions of his own existence as he feels there is something missing, on a normal day he exterminates monsters, bioweapons and intergalactic tyrants, but little does he know, he is artificial and thus he has no family. One day he is told to defeat Kuraima (Darkness Demon), while there he meets his wife-to-be, Yasura Mayugumo (peaceful cocoon-spider) Quadragon and Kuraima do battle on a fire-torn planet, upon Kuraima escaping Quadragon rescues Yasura, who is the last of her sub-species of human and now a pyrophobic (your PLANET just got burned to the ground what else would happen?), they comfort each other's respective issues of being alone, fall in love etc.

Now they have unique powers, this makes their son Yonryu (Quadragon, Yonryu, Four Dragons) have the ability to warp existence with his emotions BUT before anyone says, "Haruhi clone!" I had this idea before I knew of her and I explained my character. Kuraima finds out about the child and tries to kill him after kidnapping him. Quadragon asks Yasura to stay back to prevent Kuraima traumatizing her a 2nd time. A mistake on Kuraima's end is that Yonryu's powers are also affected by his body's condition since the body filters his power, as if his body is healthy less power is used, if he is physically frail and depressed alternate universes suffer. Yonryu is quite gentle and simple-minded though. Quadragon saves Yonryu, but at a cost, Yonryu's limbs are in shambles because of Kuraima and Quadragon now has a scar near his left eye to symbolize a scarred past (we read left to right, past to present) and suffers from PTSD after seeing this and Kuraima forcing horrid memories of people into him and have him live them, and feels "defective, broken" to mark his inferiority complex.

Yonryu eventually heals but during that time, Quadragon is becoming physically self-abusing as "atonement," Yasura has never seen her dear Quadragon this upset; so to repay him for helping her when they first met, she puts a stethoscope's ear pieces onto him as he cries in his sleep and the other end over her chest. As he hears her heartbeat, he whispers, "" by mistake, after all he was artificial so he has no biological mother. This helps Quadragon's frail self-esteem to an extent when awake, but even after Yonryu is healed, his sense of responsibility has still become overwhelming, after all, "ultimate life form (as others kept telling him) is defective, save the uni/multi-verse, your son is mightier than God and Satan combined depending on his emotions and not saving him from such evil, maintain friendships, PTSD from watching and living the horrors of prejudice," that would drive anyone into poor self-esteem.

Arc 2 will be mentioned later

Note: Quadragon IS adolescent/adult me in most cases and Yonryu is child me, thus I split myself into two very different characters with some similarities, that's why they have the same name. The name for Quadragon was from loving mythology and the number 4 having tons of meanings.
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