Human [Doll Owner] Creation
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19 / F / going insane
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Your Username: lilpriWISH
Character Name: Damon
Physical Description: red eyes, white hair, has a tattoo on his face that is a red heart made of blood

Personality Description: Caring, sweet, short tempered
Relationship with exsisting Character: Mei and Priscilla- dolls
Likes: Roses, Sunshine, beauty
Dislikes: dead things, the thought of dying
Biography: Damon was an only child, he was lonley and sad. he always upset his parents with his short temper so he took his things and left the house. He moved into an abandon victorian castle away from the town he lived in and stayed there. he had handmade Mei and Pricsilla for company and little did he know that they were murders. He sewed rose petals in for their heart from his fondness of roses.
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22 / F / NeverLand
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Your Username: InMyOwnLittleWorld

Character Name: Anju Marker

Physical Description: Anju doesnt seem like the type of person who would be carrying around a doll with her. She has black/Purple hair and freakishly bright green eyes. Usually wears a long lolita style dress, like Boogie-chan.

Personality Description: Anju is very bold, but never really shows her creativity becuase she is too busy either spending time with Boogie-chan or getting bullied at school.

Relationship with exsisting Character: Boogie-chan is Anju's faithful doll.

Likes: Frills, Black, being in corners

Dislikes: Bright rainbow colors, other people
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Your Username: kaRLyluvsANime
Character Name: Koneko
Physical Description:although she is 13 she seems 11 she is very small and fragile.She has dark blue eyes

Personality Description: smart and independent extreamly smart and is rude without knowing it.
Relationship with exsisting Character:Rimma is a doll her mother gave her she didn't really care for it at first then when she started playing with it she felt like she was real and would protecter evn now that she is older and doesn't believe in monsters anymore
Likes: doing homework,reading,drinking coffee,and rimma
Dislikes:bugs,dirt,ignorant people
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