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---> All Running Man Members (Include Joongki And Lizzy)
---> SHINee Jonghyun
---> f (x) Krystal
---> Super Junior Heechul


---> Not open spoiler Before you read whole of unspoiler story
---> Quoting some part? Its okay~
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Part 1

-Jong Kook Part-

December 27,Gimpo Airport.

After I Have Some Fanmeeting At Tokyo,I Decided to back to Seoul.At Airport,I See Jonghyun Is Looking To Someone."JONGHYUN YA!" I Speaks Loudly.Jonghyun Look back And Ask,"Whos there?" then,I Answer That Beside Him,"Im Your Hyung! Why You Dont Know Me?".Jonghyun Down,then answer,"Mianhae Hyung,in not look for you,im look for my friend,you better go home,Eomma is worry for you if you late".
On The Phone

"Hyung,I Need Your advice" I Called Jae Suk for ask some advice
"Ya! Wae? You Have Some Problem? Just share" Jae Suk answers Happily.
"Its About Jonghyun" I Whisper On The Phone.

Jaesuk Not Answer Firstly,I Think He Shocked

"What Happen With Him?" Jae Suk ask.
"He Dont Care With Me As His Hyung.. His Too care for his friend and abandon me" I Say That With Cry Eyes.
"Dont Cry Jong Kook-Ah~ You can come to my home,Gary,Haha,Suk Jin Hyung,and Lizzy Here" Jae Suk Offer Me.
"Sure,After I Go Home First" i say that.

-Jae Suk Part-

Jae Suk House

"Hyung What Happens On Jong Kook Hyung?" Gary Ask me First After I Close the call."Nothing,Just a little problem" I Answer that."I Think Is About Jonghyun,i Heard,he already have a crush" HaHa disgust My Conversation with Gary.Suddenly,all on my house is shock."ARE YOU SURE DONGHOON-AH?!?! Where You Know?" i ask it Loudly With High Sound."I Hear that from many rumor,and also i hear from teenager beside my house" HaHa answer it.Then,Gary Say Something and the house is suddenly quiet

"Im Not Sure If Jonghyun Already Dating With Krystal" Lizzy say,"Why? Its still possible!" Suk Jin say."You Know,both Jonghyun and Krystal are idol." Lizzy say,"ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Im date with my wife on my idol time" Suk Jin say it easily."Its You! Not Them!" Gary Speaks Loudly To Big Nose hyung."Mianhae.." Sukjin say that simply.

Click! Someone Open Jae Suk's Home

"Ah Jong Kook Ya~" Suk Jin Hug Jae Suk Warmly."We Know Your Problem" Gary Say."No problem,you all can know all my problem,especially about Jonghyun." Jong Kook Say that,still with cry eyes same like in the phone."Gary say,Jonghyun is already date with Krystal" I Say that Front Of Jong Kook."Are You Sure??"Jong Kook who easily angry is curious."Im Not Sure Of Course! Because both of them are idol" I Say That.I see,Jong Kook eyes are shocked.Then, he Suddenly cry.
"I Never Apologize To Him To Make his girlfriend are first,then he abandon me" Jong Kook say that Easily and cry."HYUNG! Dont Cry.. We still here,you also have Ji Hyo,Kwang Soo and Joong Ki!" Suk Jin Say that,then hug Jong Kook."you Know all,I miss you all when It christmas" Jong Kook Say that with little smile."Sure? Are you miss Jonghyun?" I ask,"Of course! But im so happy to celebrate Christmas with fans" Jong Kook says that happy.

-Jonghyun Part-

Gimpo Airport

"Ah.. Krystal ya~" I say that happily,Krystal is looks happy when she can see me again."Nice to meet you again oppa!" Krystal smiles happily."Anyway,wheres you hyung,oppa?" Krystal suddenly ask to me that,"You means? Jong Kook? Hyung? Ouh! I Think he is in Jae Suk Hyung House!" I say that easily."Okay! Let me go to Jae Suk Oppa house! I Want to meet All Of Jong Kook oppa friends!" Krystal Beg me to Go to Jae Suk hyung house,"Its okay if you want" i say that with my blank face

-Jong Kook Part-

Jae Suk's Home

"I Hope Thats Kwang Soo/Ji Hyo" i said.Then,Jae Suk opens door and look,and he run to me,"Yeah,there's Jonghyun and also,Krystal" Jaesuk says it with small volume."Aiigoo!! say im not here!" i whisper to Jae Suk."Okay." Jae Suk say simply,then go out.

"Why Must Jonghyun? And Also,he's bring Krystal here? Damn it,maybe im look like bit jealously"

"Done,i think they're gone!" Jae Suk says that happily,but suddenly.....
"JAE SUK HYUNG! ARE YOU LYING?!?!?! I SEE JONG KOOK HYUNG SHOES!" Jonghyun get mad for us because of my shoes."Thats My Shoes! All of "Running Men" Have that!" Jae Suk get angry because of Jonghyun."Ouh i know hyung,im sorry" Jonghyun Get slower,then go away.
Then,Some car are coming."I Hope thats Kwang Soo" i beg.And thats right! Also Joong ki and Ji Hyo inside."Hyung,i heard you have problem" Kwang Soo Say to me first."yes" i say that."And its about Jong Hyun" Joong Ki Curious,"yeah" i say." "I Have Friends from SHINee,hope its helpful" Ji Hyo Offer some help."Onew? I also have Minho" i say."Or,we can be spy?" Suk Jin ask."You too awkward to be spy" Jae Suk Jokes."okay! i have first thing to do" Ji Hyo Say it with brilliant eyes "WHAT?!?!" We are curious."Let We Ask Both of them first" Ji Hyo Says that.

Brilliant idea!

So.. What will they're do To reveals all the truth between Jonghyun and Krystal?

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Part 2

-Jae Suk Part-

"Ah.. I Still save my lie detector~ I'll use that to test the Jonghyun-Krystal Lies" I say that happy in the night.Then,i bring that to my car,"Tommorow,Gary's Restaurant" i read the message from my phone."Okay,i must come earlier!" I say that.Then go to bed.

Next Morning

-Gary Part-

"Ahh~ Beautiful morning~" i say that,then open my bedroom window "GOOD MORNING WORLD!!! I MUST GOT TO GO NOW!!" Im Shouts loudly before i take a bath and go to restaurant.

On the way to restaurant,i take Ji Hyo To my car on bus stop."Ji Hyo-Ah.. Are You sure with that? To ask Jae Suk to bring his lie detector" i ask that,"Im Sure! Its Little helpful! Even its not look helpful,i'll ask Yoo Hwan to go to SM Entertainment and look them around like spy!" Ji Hyo said Trustly,then get into my car.

Gary Restaurant

"Ahh.. Hyung! Youre so fast to get here!" te first sentences I say that while i see Jae Suk."Sure,I must set up the lie detector first,so,where we will do the lie test?" Jaesuk Answer it so widely."okay,follow me!" i only answer that,Jae Suk hyung are only follow me to the second floor.

Gary Restaurant,2nd floor

"Okay,here we will do!" i says."Whoa! Its good Gary-Ah!" Jae Suk Praise me."Thanks hyung.. But,better if all of us can join" i say that slowly.

-Jae Suk Part-
.... minutes later

"HYUNG! WE'RE COMING!!" Jong Kook Sounds Shock us,"Ah!! Jong Kook ya! Lets prepare all of this!" I Hug Jong Kook Tightly,"Anyway,when Jonghyun and Krystal Will come?" I Ask that to Jong Kook,"Exactly,on 11AM,durin the restaurant open" Jong Kook Whisper That."Okay,we still have 3 hours to finish all,after finish,we can get our breakfast!" Ji Hyo says,then,we work again,now,all the members are come,plus Heechul whos fall asleep on this restaurant.

-Heechul Part-

"I? Help You all? Sure,i think its fun,after help,i must take a bath firstly"I says that with funny side."Ahh.. Its Okay Hyung! But Quickly!" Kwangsoo going crazy to me."Okay! What Should i do first?" I ask,"Help Jae Suk Oppa to turn his Lie detector!" Ji Hyo Noona says that to me."Okay Okay!" I only say that.


"All done!" I say that,"Anyway,Why you do all of this?" I ask that."Keep it secret" Jae Suk Hyung says that to me."What?" i answer it.Then,Jae Suk Hyung whisper something to me and make me shock

Although that,Of course im shock

Although that,Of course im shock."Jonghyun? Krystal? On Relationship? Are you crazy hyung?!?!" I Get crazy because that,cause i know,both of them are idol.So,it can't recognize."And please help us if it cant.Its for Jong Kook hyung feeling,i think he so dissappointed because of that relationship" Kwang Soo say that."Okay,i'll help you as fast as i can,so,what i'll do?" i ask that."Simple,Bring Jonghyun and Krystal here" Jong Kook ask that to me.Then i go outside.

-Krystal part-

"Oppa,can we go out again together?" I Ask cutely to Jonghyun."Im Not sure,If Jong Kook Hyung Know,He'll get mad" Jonghyun say that with dissappoint melody."ahh~ oppa.. jebal..." Im still beg to Jonghyun."It cant! im still afraid Jong Kook will Ask me bla bla bla!" Jonghyun get mad because that."Mianhae oppa.. No i know your feeling" im apologize to Jonghyun.

But... i hear some car are park.And i see Heechul oppa get out from his car

"Krystal,Jonghyun! Lets go out together!" Heechul oppa says that,and his face looks so happy like usual."Yes Oppa! Wait!" thats my reaction,but different with Jonghyun oppa reaction,"Why you dont ask Hangeng Hyung to go out?" he say that coldly."Hangeng-Ah and all Super Junior-M are already in China now" Heechul say that with truth.Because,he says he will go to airport with other super junior members."Okay,i'll go~" Jonghyun says that in the last.Then,we go to Heechul oppa's car

And Then... The car has stop on one restaurant."Oppa,is it Gary oppa restaurant?" i ask that to Heechul,"Yes,why? Lets go inside,You all go to 2nd floor,and i'll offer food for all" Heechul oppa say that."Okay! Quickly!" Jonghyun smiles to Heechul.

-Jonghyun Part-

2nd floor Gary's Restaurant

"Whats that?" I Ask that curiously."And then,why on 2nd floor is like that?" Krystal ask that to me,"Its use for party? or gathering?" i say that

Im still curious why this place is empty,and only one mysterious machine

"Aigooo!! Heechul hyung!! Paliya!!!We Cant Stand here" Im get mad because that.


We're trapped in some trap.And many people there.Theres Gary hyung,Jae Suk Hyung,Suk Jin Hyung,Ji Hyo Noona,and others."Eodiro??? Eodi Heechul hyung??" I Say that."Sit there!" Jong Kook hyung say that with Loud sound from far distance.Then,All of them sit me on some chair.

"What is this!!?" i get crazy because them force me to sit on there,"You'll Know!" Jae Suk hyung say that.

Then,after i sit,Krystal is nowhere,only Ji Hyo noona,HaHa Hyung,Gary Hyung,Jae Suk Hyung,Suk Jin hyung and also Joong Ki Hyung."Okay! Whats this? And Where's Krystal?" I ask that frequently."Okay.That machine will tell some truth,adn Krystal now is with Heechul" Ji Hyo Noona say that.

"Okay,i'll tell you many question!" Jae Suk Hyung Say that

"First,Are you often go outside with Krystal?" Jae Suk Hyung ask that
"No,WE ARE IDOL AND WE'RE BUSY!" i answer that quickly.

"Then,who's person you wait on airport yesterday,until you abandon your hyung?" Suk Jin hyung ask that
"Amber,why? Problem?" i say that

"Then,Are you often go home late because Krystal?" Both Gary and HaHa hyung ask that
"Oh no! Its hard!" i get crazy
"yes" i answer that with small volume.

"Then,are you always like Krystal with any style?" Joongki Hyung ask that
"Not really"

okay,you can get out from this chair

Now,its Krystal turn

-Krystal Part-

"Are you sure you love Jonghyun?" Jong Kook oppa ask that
"Yes,Because he is my sunbae!"i answer that

"Are you always jealous when Jonghyun oppa is with Other girl,especially with your unnie?" Lizzy unnie ask that
"No,For what im jealous?" i say that

"Are you always hope to be Jonghyun Girlfriend?" Kwangsoo oppa ask it.
"Not,im always hope to be Taemin oppa girlfriend" i answer that

okay,you can go again,we wanna check your answer

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Part 3

-Jae Suk Part-

"Heechul-Ah.. I Wanna ask you something?" I Say that after Heechul pay his lunch,"Wae hyung?Its ok." Heechul answers that,then follow me to my table.After i sit on the chair,i ask something."Please tell me honestly,are you often seeing Jonghyun and Krystal have a couple time in the training room during training?" I asks."Tell us honestly!" Jong Kook joins us.

"Honestly? Yes,i also have they couple selca" Heechul alswer sincerly,then shows some photos.My eyes are shocked,"Oh My God.. They're look like real couple!" I Get Shock."Yes,i think they're Lying to you because they shy to tell the truth" Heechul answers Wisely."Really? Are you sure its real?" Jong Kook Is Curious.Heechul suddenly quiet.and answers.

"Im Sure Hyung! Of Course!"

-Jong Kook Part-

"Hyung! Before i go to here with them,actually im watch TV on the morning" Heechul starts talk again."Then?" i do my frequent ask."Thats some hot news" Heechul says like he see something good

"JINJJA?? The Scandal ON TV??" I Curious.Heechul only nodding."Im Sure Hyung! For what im lying to you?" He say."Oh God... Im Going crazy for that..." i take some long breath."This is like some Quiet winter scandal" i thinks.Suddenly,Gary calls me."Hyung! Look at this new newspaper!".Gary raise the newspaper,then show the headline.


Then i quit the restaurant.

-Jonghyun Part-

"Am I Wrong to make him abandoned yesterday?" I ask something to Leeteuk hyung."Actually,im sure,you did wrong to him.And that one,make you trap into yourself scandal" Leeyeuk Hyung say wisely."Really hyung? Im on scandal because that? Ottoke?? what can i do to get his heart back?" I ask.

"Just apologize,if you afraid,text him".Leeteuk hyung says wisely,then go outside.

Im Not Sure,Why i have My Quiet scandal,God,please tell me the truth!

And Suddenly...

My Phone is ringing.

"Jong.. Jong Kook Hyung? Take control!! Keep calm!"
Then i close the phone.

-Jong Kook part-

"Now,i can take breath... Now,winter is like some flashback for me" i say while walk with Gary and Ji Hyo,"Wae oppa?" Ji Hyo ask,"Because,every winter,i can walk with Jonghyun,but now.. " i says."I Know your feeling hyung,but i think you must forget the problem for a time."I Know Gary-Ah.. But.. Its so hard to forget,why must them lie to me?" I Answer honestly.

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Part 4

-HaHa part-

"Aigoo.. Wheres Jong Kook Hyung?" I Get crazy because he's not come and i wait for him since 1 hour ago."Hey-Yo! Ith Donghoon-Ah There?" Some common sounds comes."KYAAA URI HYUNG!!" I Hugs Jong Kook hyung."Nae dongsaeng! Ouch! You're more light now!" Jong Kook Praise me for my effort to light my weight."Anyway hyung,i want to ask you something" My face suddenly changes."Wae Nae Dongsaeng?" Jong Kook hyung ask.

"This one,Jonghyun-Ah text me and accuse me to start his own scandal!" I say with my child style."Mwoyo?? I Think so,i will not apologize him before he delete this one!".

And suddenly,one message delivered to them

"Aigoo... Mianhaeyo?? Why its too easy to apologize"i says madly."Dont kidding! Aigoo..." Jong Kook hyung gets boiling."Is he real hyung?" i ask,"Of course,honestly,i wanna say no" Jong Kook hyung says."Okay,lets change the topic" i says insanely.

"Okay.. whats the theme? How about Ji Hyo's part tonight?" Jong Kook hyung suggest."Ya! Dont that,we know we will come!" i laughing."Better we take off now,its already 6PM." i says.

-Ji Hyo part-

"Gary oppa! I Got some message!" I Say,"From who?" Gary oppa ask,"I Dunno.But the content is apologize" i say."Dont forgive the person you dont know" Gary oppa suggest,"Okay." i reply the message."Oppa,can you help me to call Lizzy?" i ask help."Sure" Gary oppa accept then call Lizzy.

1 Hours later..

"Ah Lizzy ya! Why you come so fast?" Gary oppa ask first,"Im go after shooting,so,i can go here fast" Lizzy says,"Ah! Ji Hyo unnie! Why you call me fastly? Im still tiring on that time!" Lizzy says."Ahh... I Know i know,but i need your help" i says.After helps,Lizzy get back to sofa and read her new novels,"You bought new novels?" i ask,"Sure unnie,im bored" Lizzy says.

Suddenly 3 cars come

"Jong Kook hyung,Haha ya,Jaesuk hyung,sukjin hyung,Gwangsoo ya! Joongki ya also!" Gary say suddenly."Mwo??"

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