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Posted 4/16/12 , edited 4/16/12
iTUT APPLI • • • •
job application

Pikk the job right for you. Please do not apply if you do not meet the standards for job ur applying for. You can always try again if rejected. There will be monthly jobs for each mod. Please read carefully.

The following applies to all jobs

·•● have at least 20 buddies
·•● have at least 40 gb posts
·•● active when applies
·•● posted at least on 20 threads on CR
·•● loyal to group
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·•● Visits group every time on CR
·•● Plays sum games
·•● Does job assigned by due date
·•● Runs all things by creator first
·•● Specializes in their job
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·•● gfx designer
·•● at least 3-month experience
·•● specializes in gfx making
·•● created at least 10 edits
·•● does gfx assignments like avii, etc.
·•● shows 3 examples of gfx in application
·•● doesnt overuse modding privileges
·•● post "g f x" in form sumwhere
·•● forum mod
·•● floods whenever on CR
·•● creates games and events
·•● knows how to use BB codes
·•● doesnt overuse modding privileges
·•● post "s p a m" in form sumwhere
·•● all of the above
·•● co creator
·•● must have been on CR for a yr.
·•● assists with creator assignments
·•● doesnt overuse modding privileges
·•● post "a w s u m" in form sumwhere


Preferred Name:
any name u wanna be called
uhh...the acc for this job
Applying For:
the position u want
[for imaginees only]
Why you wanna help:
explain y u wanna be mod
How can we trust you:
do u meet the standards, hav u been mod in uther grps, etc.
Can you do your job:
r u active enuff

All mods will have 1 week probation before fully accepted
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