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Posted 4/19/12 , edited 4/20/12
If you don't know who steve blum is then your in for a treat, he is the voice actor for spike from "Cowboy Bebop" and of course TOM from "Toonami".

From steve blums twitter:

"Oh crap! Didn't even see the article! - multitasking and only saw the video. I'm loyal to CN - they've been good to me."

"Cant imagine they did and cannot speak for them. I was only speaking of the video. I cannot endorse the article in any way."

"Agreed. I do NOT recommend supporting this!!!"

"God I hope so! Not privy to that information, but can't imagine it without them."

"I don't know their intentions, but my loyalty lies with CN and Toonami's creators."

Steve Blums actions on twitter are for the most part normal so if there is a future with cartoon network its saved. He's attempting to share with twitter his support for Toonami and its current trademark owners, but whoever owns the Toonami trademark in the future he'll more then likely support as well.

In fact he can imagine Toonami without its normal crew, because the buck doesn't just stop their and it will continue to roll with whom ever owns the new trademark. Check will still be signed, and anime more then ever will air yet again. I would only assume he would want to be apart of this amazing endeavor which he himself was orginally apart of.

He's trying to save is reputation with cartoon network by down playing this project, however when Toonami is represented by the new owners he'll be singing a different tune.

We support steve blum in whatever choices he makes, but our project will be endorsed with or with out him.

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