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This is where we get down and dirty and you ask the deep questions that have gone unanswered on here about the project. All questions will be answered in a timely fashion, however if the question poses an issue or conflict of interest it will in fact go unanswered with a reason being left.

(Spelling and use of grammar is not edited so I'm sorry in advance)

So lets get this party started with a few questions I'll share and answer:

Q1.) Why buy the rights for Toonami in the first place, what the heck where you thinking?

A1.) In order to air Toonami online or on a cable/satellite in the future one would need to purchase the trademark. True we could pay to use the rights for Toonami, but then we are hit with restrictions and censorship which I feel Toonami would do better without. By owning the trademark it allows us the right to air all of Toonami anytime we want since it will be upgraded to its own network.

Q2.) Does being a fan qualify you to just buy the trademark rights out of the blue?

A2.) Not at all, but it does not hurt to have a better understanding of what Toonami is and what kind of fan base your dealing with. As the founder and future CEO of the project I have more then 10 years experience in the business world and of course a degree in business. But that's just the icing on the cake, this project also has many contacts from local colleges and small businesses willing to support the project just as it stands now (of course I'm not going to list them for liability reasons)

Q3.) Why is the project price set so high, and what do you expect to use it on when all the pledges have been met?

Q3.) The project to me is not even set high enough, but we need a starting point where banks and other such ventures have either failed or are already used up. Most people on here feel that running a network is very expensive when in fact its not if you understand how to allocate the funds correctly. The project in itself is time consuming, but with the right goals setup its more of a breeze to be honest even when your schedule is always booked.

Back to the question asked, first off a letter of intent to purchase the trademark will be sent after finishing deliberations with our attorney. A formal contract later will be constructed that will pertain to the purchase of the trademark known as "Toonami". Attorneys are not cheap, neither is jumping through hoops to buy a trademark., so some funds will go to that right away.

Once the ball is rolling our leased building will become our HQ for the time being till we can purchase our own later on. The staff will be taken care of already, between veteran professionals from the Pittsburgh area and local interns. Studio equipment will of course need to be purchased, and certain voice actors will be contacted for casting. The budget will be tight at first but will manage.

Will need to apply for a license from the FCC, and partner up with local cable networks in the future. Purchasing the rights to air certain anime series will be the hardest part since will have to approach other anime studios with low bids in mind (bleach,fairy tail, one piece for EX).

Q4.) Will you be on cable, satellite, or just the internet when you begin to broadcast live?

Q4.) Of course we would like to be on satellite or cable right away, but that won't happen and I know that for a fact. At least not right away, so for the time being will setup as a PODCAST service online which allows us to save more money till we can enter into contract with local cable companies.

We will be using which at a reasonable fee we can host our network with an already established service provider. With today's technology being what it is most people don't have time to carry their laptops with them to view websites or check out youtube on the go. So do you know what they turn to, you mite as well give up and let me explain to you the birds and the

APPS on cell phones, APPS on your Ipad2 or kindle fire and what other types of ereaders and tablets you can think of. If we join the Wizzard Media Network producers with Smartphone Apps for the fastest growing and hottest platforms. Google cites over 300,000 new activations a day for Android devices, that's 9 million or so a month. With a $20 (min) a month App Plan from Wizzard, our podcast could be available for distribution to those devices with unique opportunities for monetization.

Q5.) Okay so I'm still not buying it, what is your take in this and what are you making for profit?

A5.) Nothing, the cold truth on my part which ya its hard to swallow is nothing. I'll keep my other job so our project will stay afloat, normal owners make a hefty profit when they pocket there earning. For me I would rather put those profits back into the project so the anime community will grow even more within the US and hopefully other surrounding countries. Ya its very hard to grasp this coming from me, but I really have nothing to gain by this since I'm an otaku myself and hardcore supporter of Toonami. I would rather see our children enjoy Toonami in the coming years instead of watching it burn out or be misused by cartoon network/adult swim.

Q6.) What do you think of steve blums reaction on twitter, and his past comments that were aimed at Toonami?

Q6.) Steve Blum has stated on camera which can be downloaded on YouTube that he supports Toonami, and would love to comeback as TOM. However at present Steve Blum has also made it clear to us that he does not want to get on the nerves of Cartoon Network or Adult Swim. They hold the power in hiring him for future Voice acting jobs, and at present own the rights for Toonami (so he does not want to openly side with this project even though he does support Toonami).

So that's very understandable, but remeber Steve Blum has already told his viewers that he's a proud supporter of Toonami. Which in itself means whoever buys the Toonami trademark has his support and backing.

(He's trying not to bit the hand that feeds him at the moment)

Q7.) Since you are running this as a PODCAST network to start with what will your start up cost be monthly for hosting it on your end?

Q7.) From wizard it would be $75.00/month for their maxed amount of service that they currently advertise, which is very reasonable. Of course we might be able to negotiate the pricing since we already have an existing fan base which will more then certainly sign up to view Toonami. By negotiate pricing I do mean we will be paying more money in order to use even more of their service but at a reasonable price.

The most money a user would spend for the app would be $5.00, its like we would almost be running against crunchyroll but not entirely the same thing. Crunchyroll has a vast amount of anime which from what I see Toonzaki borrows a lot of at no stated cost, which tells me we could probably do the same but that's a whole different story of course.

Q8.) What major things will you be adding to the project that will benefit Toonami?

Q8.) I promise to only mention a few things and not bore you with to much of the details. Will have a time block setup for anime music videos (AMVs), which is being run by a freelance group as we speak right now. A time block dedicated to anime reviews and upcoming anime releases, featuring certain YouTube reviewers who have become mega popular right now (a handful of them have consented with airing there material). Celebrity dub and sub interviews with Q & A sessions, this allows fans who can't make anime conventions the chance to view celebrity's since not all interviews are caught on YouTube.

Q9.) Why go through all this, how are you dealing with this stress from people who don't agree with your project?

Q9.) Simple I will always be a fan of Toonami, and never forget the joys it brought to my childhood and others around me. I do feel insulted at times when being challenged by others on my motives that brought me about to creating this project, but hey i don't let that stuff get to me. You can't really say you have gone somewhere till you have fully tried in the first place. And last time I checked the more attention this project gets the more supporters follow even without the pledges.

I can understand how this may appear to be something its not, but really it is what it is and some people are just reading into this the wrong way and judging me so negatively. Try to look at this as a chance for Toonami to breath again but without restrictions brought on by Cartoon Network. I feel insulted and let down when Adult Swim had the nerve to air Toonami under there own banner like they owned it. Toonami in itself was not a time block but just another programmed show in Adult Swims eyes, and the truth is Toonami deserved better.

***So please ask your Questions because now is the time, and please be ready for those Answers***

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Posted 4/21/12 , edited 4/30/12
Q10.) How are you dealing with users who are attempting to start smear campaigns against you online?

A10.) Absolutely nothing, because by retaliating it will only add more to the fire and start more online anarchy. Events like this can be avoided by not paying any attention to individuals who are cyber bullying you. These users tend to feed off of whatever your trying to explain to them, and really these users have already written you off as something else in there minds.

So in short our project will not be including them of course, and will not be retaliating at all. We stand by our actions, and will continue to do so weather this project passes or fails

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Q11.) Why have you not made a twitition on twitter yet like other Toonami groups?

A11.) At this time I feel it really would not be in the best interests of our project to proceed that way. Another good reason would be that a lack of signatures would exist, and it really would be a waste of time to create. When one particular group on twitter has already taken the first steps in creating a twitition it becomes pointless to even think of copying them. However the Toonamis Revival project is currently working on its on website, and is under construction right now.

Q12.) What do you think of steve blum, and his recent YouTube clip?

A12.) It was indeed an amusing site to see when steve blum directly responded with his twitter followers. However when he brought up "Twitter Wars" it kinda felt like he was instigating an online riot of some sort instead of a revolution for Toonami. I believe steve blum has joined in this "Twitter Wars" only to profit on it when Toonami goes back on the air, but again that is my own personal theory. You have to look at this from a business stand point, and when Toonami returns so will their host TOM which is voiced by steve blum. (Pointing out something very obvious)

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