Playing for nostalgia

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Posted 4/21/12 , edited 4/21/12
When World of Warcraft first came out, I had never played MMOs too much. I had played a few free to play ones, but not too in depth. I think I was in 7th or 8th grade and the game gave me a great sense of discovery and the world was extremely immersive. I didn't use add-ons until I was lvl 60 which was the greatest feeling ever to finally reach that level on my own. The unforgiving difficulty of raids, the rarity of having epic items and all these things that scare noobies off made me love the game more. Now-a-days the game is more streamlined, easy, yet cinematic and epic. I still find myself coming back every new patch or expansion feeling slightly nostalgic visiting a virtual land I consider one of my favorite "escapes." Does any one else play for nostalgia or get a warm feeling every now in then when reminiscing about the good ol' days of Warcraft?
Posted 5/1/12 , edited 5/1/12
I never really played WoW, but I do know what you mean. I found out that Sony recently made the original EverQuest free to play and have considered going back and revisiting it.
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