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This is where you make your own story. weither its anime,drama,tv,books whatever. you can make ur own story here.

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Pokemon Teen Life

Type: Anime, Romance, Little bit of action, comedy, and drama.

Fanfiction Story.

Main Characters: Red, Ash, Serena, Gary, Dawn, Leaf, Paul, and Brock.

(This is my first ever Fanfiction, so this is just a start off for me, and please dont leave hate...and if you guys can, please give advice, because it would help me improve my Fanfiction storys)

(This highschool has 8th to 12th graders, i just wanted to you guys know)

The Description/Who are the 2 main Characters: Pokemon Teen Life is about two brothers that are having a hard life as teens, and in highschool. One of the brothers is known as Ash Ketchum a 14 year old boy, he is known as the kid prodigy for his Very good at drawing, mathematics, music, games, and engineering.He goes to a engineering club every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, after that he goes to a music club. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sundays he goes to a mathematics club. He likes comics, video games, Fantasy movies, and especially pokemon battles. Every teen in highschool basically knows him. His brother is known as Red Ketchum a 15 year old boy, Who is the most popular teen in school. He goes to the gym daily, goes to jit jitsu, football, and soccer. Red is a teen you want too be friends with, but for some reason some boys act like the girls, but they dont love him like the girls do, and if he asked a girl out, they are very lucky and to red the girl is special to him. Red is NOT ones of those popular snobs, he is one of the most nicest, kindest, etc kid in the whole school. Girls will actually fight over him, so they can impress red...yeah its the other way around. Ash doesn't get that much attention, and he doesn't like that attention. The rest of characters storys will be told throughout the chapters, and more about Red and Ash. The story starts at 9th grade for red, and 8th for ash, this is the first day at highschool.

Chapter 1

The New School year.

This is Pallet town, in the kanto region, where the brothers story starts... "BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP." beeped the alarm clock.

"Huh?...oh" Tiredly ash said, while he turned off his alarm clock.

Ash got out of his bed, and opened the door. But there was a surprise from his older brother.

"My baby brother is finally in 8th grade, and in the same school as me!" Said Red happily while giving ash a noogie.

"Get off of me Red! knock it off! Whined ash while he tries to stop red.

Red finally lets go of ash and goes down stairs to eat his breakfast, while ash went into the shower. Right after red was done eating breakfast, he remembered something that he need to ask his mom.

"Hey mom, do you know where is that letter with my locker number, and my homeroom teacher is, and my bus number? Asked red while putting his dish in the sink.

"Its on the counter" Said delia.

Red picked up the letter and read it. "HomeRoom: Professor Rowan, room 12 downstairs. Looker Number and Combination: A106. 34-55-23. Bus number 11."

"Yes, i got professor rowan!" Yelled Red with joy.

Ash, was already done with his shower, and already gotten dressed. Ash was kinda happy that he is going to school, because he hates sitting in his house. After he was done eating breakfast, he also asked where his letter was.

"Mom, do you know my letter is?"Asked Ash.

"Its on the counter" Said Delia. Ash picked it up, and read it out loud.

"HomeRoom: Professor Birch, room 22 second floor.Locker Number and Combination: B201 24-45-32. Bus number 11."

"You got Birch for your homeroom? Good luck with him." Laughed Red while looking in the fridge for a drink.

"Whats so bad about Professor Birch?"Asked Red.

"He is crazy, like messed up in the head" Said red.

Ash's face looked worried but, he thinks red is just teasing him. So he will see for himself when he goes to school. Red and Ash looked at the time, and they ran up the stairs to there room, to get there hats.

"Goodbye mom!" Said red and ash at the same time while walking out the door.

(Delia let them walk the first day)

While there walking there way to school, red saw something in ash's face.

"Ash?...why are you so worried? Asked red while walking to school.

"Im not worried. Why are you asking? asked ash nervously.

"Cause you look worried" said red.

"Just dont worry about it red" said ash.

Red and Ash are almost there, and they heard a certain someone saying something walking on the other side.

"Hey Ketchums!" Yelled random person.

"What up Gary Motherfucking Oaks!" Yelled Red.

Gary walked over to red and ash to walk with them to school, and talked to them.

"Hey Gary." said ash

"Hey ash. Whats up with the worried face?" Asked gary.

"Oh now with you?...nothing gary" Said ash.

They finally got to the school but red had to run into the school leaving ash and gary behind, because the buses are pulling in, and the girls are going to run off the bus, and surround him, and he wasn't in the mode for the attention. He luckily got in the school in time, but luckily the girls didn't notice him. Red went to the office to get his sheet to know when his periods start. After he got his sheet, he walked in the bathroom and just sat on the floor playing games on the floor untill was ready. He heard the door open, and looked who it was.

"Red?...what are you sitting in the bathroom?" Said ash.

"Cause i dont want the attention right now." Said red. "

You? dont want the attention right now?" Said ash with smirk.

"Yeah i dont." Said red with a depressed voice.

"Dude, come on it was like 2 weeks ago, and i feel depressed about it aswell." Said ash

Red looked at the time on his phone, and bell was about to ring for homeroom. Red quickly walked out, and walked to Professor Rowans room. When he reached his homeroom, he walked in.

"Your Red Ketchum Yes?" Asked Professor Rowan.

"Yes sir" Said red.

"Your seat the 3rd row, 4th desk." Said Professor Rowan while looking at the sitting chart.

Professor rowan asked red to put the names on the desk so they know where there seats are. Red said yes, and Professor Rown gave him paper with names on them, and the seating chart. As soon red sat down, the bell rang. Red wasn't lookiny forward to get the attention he got last year. He was happy that gary oaks was in this class, and he sat to the left of red and surprisingly, gary was the first one after red to go in.

"Yoooo red you have rowan too?" Said gary with excitement.

"Yep." Said red happily.

"Here they come, are you ready to hear the screaming?" Said gary with a big smirk on his face.

"Yes...and dont bother me with this please" Said red stressfully.

Obviously gary doesn't knoe why, but he did what red asked. The teens walked in, and right away the girls screamed there heads off like in a horror movie. All the girls were purposely seated away from red because, Professor Rowan knew about red being the most popular teen in school. He was popular because, of him winning alot of matches and countywide championships, his good looks, him being the most nicest, kindest, etc teen in the whole school, and way more. Once everyone seated down, there was 2 seats left, and everyone was wondering why would someone skipping the first day.

"Welcome back studstudents, and i will be your homeroom teacher for the whole of 9th grade. Two desks are empty because, two new students are coming but they are coming in a little bit. When they come, i'll point at you to introduce yourself, after they introduced themselves. Alright class?

"Yes professor rowan." Said the class at the same time.

"Do what ever untill they get here class." Said rowan with a smile on his face.

While Professor rowan was waiting for the two new students, ash wasn't so happy. (This is right after red walked out of the bathroom) Ash walked out, one minute after red. When ash reached his class, he walked in and he wasn't going to like his class.

"Um...are you professor birch right?" Asked ash.


Now ash knew red was right, he was angry he had birch and when he sat down, birch just sat in his chair looking at ash like he was going to kill him. Ash looked away from the disgusting face he was making, and he jumped when the bell rang. Once everyone seated down, birch got up and yelled.


For reds class? was talking to gary, untill rowan said something.

"There here class and when i point you, introduce yourself." Said rowan. He opened the door, and two girls walked in. One of them had short honey colored hair, with a pink-red fredora. She was wearing a light pink dress over a grayish black tank top with a white collar, she also wears a long red vest with big pockets, black stockings with brown boots. The other girl had long black hair, with a white and red hat. She was wearing a light blue tank top, a red skirt, light blue scrunchie socks, and red and white shoes.

"Class, this is serena (Pointing to the short haired one), and the other one is leaf, they are sisters" Said rowan.

Red couldn't stop staring at serena, but he had to stop, or someone would notice, but the good thing is no one notice it, but gary. Red was thinking to himself, and out of nowhere he felt someone shaking him, and pointing to rowan to let red know rowan was calling him.

"Oh sorry sir, My name is red." Said red.

Then rowan continued, but red nevered felt like this before, well in elementary school, but this felt better. Now going back to ash, and his crazy teacher.

"The new student is here guys, and from left to right, i want you to tell your name." Said birch calmly.

Birch opened the door, and the new student came in. She had blue hair, with a white beanie. She wore a black V-neck tank top, with a white undershirt, and a pink skirt, Pink knee high boots, with black socks underneath.

"I want you guys to meet Dawn" said birch.

Ash thought she was pretty, but dawn couldn't keep her eyes off of ash, dawn liked his appearance, she wanted to know more about him. Dawns seat was behind ash's, serena's seat was to the right of red, and leafs was on the other side of where serena was sitting. Red was so happy that she sits right next to him, but for gary, he likes leaf. 5 periods later lunch came, and red was sitting alone, and gary needed to talk to red.

"Yo i saw you staring at her" Said gary with a big smirk on his face.

"Ok you saw me, whats the big deal" said red.

"The big deal is you crushing on the new girl." Said gary.

"Its not true." Said red while chuckling.

"Gary Motherfucking Oaks never lies" Said gary with his arms crossed pretending to be mad.

"Fine, i have a crush on the new girl" Said red while mocking garys voice.

"I knew it! Its so rare for you to have a crush on a girl, and speak of the devil. Here comes the sisters, im going to wave them to sit here with us." Said gary.

"Ugh." said red while putting his hands on his face.

Gary waved to the girls to sit with them, so they did cause all the tables were packed. So the girls sat down, and gary wanted to start the conversation.

"Hey guys." Said serena and leaf at the same time.

"Hey" Said red and gary at the same time.

"Sooo, where are you guys from?" Asked gary.

"We came from the Kalos region" Said leaf.

"The kalos region? Thats far from kanto." Said gary with his eyes wide opened.

"Sooooo, people been telling me and my sister about you beeing the popular teen... and your the best player and captain in football and soccer... correct?" Asked leaf while looking at red.

"Correct" Said red while chuckling.

"Hey, um... serena why don't you talk as much?" Asked gary with a smirk on his face, and while looking at red, luckily no one notice it except for red.

" sorry, i was day dreaming." Nervously said serena while looking at her tray.

"If you want, can you tell us what your day dreaming about?" Asked leaf.

Red was getting irritated by gary, cause he was trying to see reds reaction, but gary didn't want to stop cause he was having to much fun.

"Oh it was something about kalos..." Said serena.

Red got up to dump his tray, then he went to sit back down, But then he put his head down. But with ash?...lets see his problem. (This is when red was in 4th period) it was lunch for ash, he always sat with his friends but now with more kids he couldn't, so he sat alone. But someone came up too him with no tray, and he looked up.

"Can i sit here?" Dawn said.

"Sure" said ash. Ash didn't really want to start a conversation, but dawn did.

"Everyone said your a prodigy?" Asked dawn with an eyebrow up.

"Yep, im a prodigy" said ash while chuckling.

"What are you talented at?" Asked dawn.

"Engineering, Art, Music, and Video Games." Said ash

"Thats amazing" Said dawn.

After that lunch ended, before she go her lunch, she was talking to her teacher which made her late. For red?...Gary knew something was bothering him and it only wasn't serena, it was something else. A teen walked to the table trying to act cool...he was known for the biggest jerkoff in the whole school.

This is it for chapter one guys!

If you guys like it, chapter 2 will come out tomorrow. Remember, this is my first ever Fanfiction Story i wrote, so it wont be that good, but i hope you guys like it. If this does get alot of good reviews, i'll try to make chapter 2 and 3 tomorrow. Please leave advice so i can im prove my story. If you guys want, you can ask me what characters you want to see, and stuff like that. Some chapters MIGHT be bad for kids 11 and under, not saying not to but read the other chapters if you want.
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