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Posted 4/22/12 , edited 4/22/12
Okay! Let's start with rules!!!

1. No advertising
2. No off-topic discussions in this club
3. No Konata hating
4. Don't upload recolors
5. Don't upload hate pictures
6. No spam
7. No hentai
8. No doing illegal things. (THIS, everyone, leads RIGHT to a ban.)

If you're suspended from the club, it means you've gotten 3 strikes, but only three times. I'll put you in the category "Suspended members", meaning you'll have the same privileges as non-members. You can look at the pictures and forums, but that's it. You'll be put back into "members" in a week.

If you're banned, it means you've gotten suspended 3 times. I'll ban you from the club if you're suspended more than 3 times or you're doing illegal things. You'll be put in the "banned members" category, meaning you won't even be able to look at the pictures or forums.

Strikes are when you break the rules. You get a strike. Say hjghdikghdkjhgigf broke rule 4, hjghdikghdkjhgigf would get a strike. If hjghdikghdkjhgigf broke 2 more rules, he/she would get suspended. Got it~?

(Note: I come from a website filled with IMMATURE BRATS, so if I seem strict and untrusting here, that's why. Also, I'll only make you a mod if I REALLY trust you.)
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