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im as broke as broke gets, BUT I NEED MANGA AND ANIME, AND THOSE AWESOME ACTION FIGURES! =3 sure you can read and watch online, but its not the same as owning the thing. so, do you guys have any quick ways to make big buck-buck-bucks?? here were my idea's:
gather whatever crap around your house that may have value but you dont use and sell it on ebay (cant bare to part with any of my belongings so that was a fail)
bake cakes and cookies and sell them (my area is full of weirdo's that wont buy cakes from neighbours xD)
do leafleting jobs (*facepalm*
ask someone if they want there car washed (thing is im way too embarrassed and i get really shy when asking that sort of stuff. i hate interviews and anything like that, they scare me.)
dig for gold on back-garden (i actually found something that resembled a diamond once but in all my excitement to give it to my sister i dropped it and couldnt find it -_- xD)
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