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Posted 4/23/12 , edited 4/23/12
Ok so I have a "problem" with Crunchyroll's guest pass.

Actually let me clarify.

CRUNCHYROLL has a problem with a guest pass I used. I'm doing just fine.

What do I mean?

Well I got a 48 hour guest pass on the 14th and to my knowledge I have not used any guest passes since then.
However I can still watch videos that are meant for premium members despite the fact I have never actually
purchased a premium membership and the guest pass SHOULD be expired unless my math is wrong.
And as far as I know I have not signed up for any free trial and I do believe that if I DID it would appear on
my paypal account since I do not have any credit cards of my own and the thing is it doesn't.

As to why I waited until now...
Well I didn't know I had this premium membership until around Saturday Night/Sunday Morning
and I did in fact contact Crunchyroll about this. I have yet to hear back from them. Thus this topic.

Now I'm totally cool with the "problem" of having a free premium membership.

But I rather not have Crunchyroll try and hunt me down and murder me in my sleep.

Oh and I hope you're not thinking I'm gonna pay for this. It's not my fault something is "wrong" with your
system and has allowed me the awesome privilege of a free Crunchyroll membership.

Just be happy I'm going out of my way to inform you of this because I guarantee you few would.

Your Welcome.

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Posted 4/23/12 , edited 4/23/12
almost the same "problem" here , i created a topic too.
what is going on?
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Posted 4/23/12 , edited 4/23/12

Bug in the system!
Enjoy your complimentary memberships until we get the issue fixed.

Thanks for reporting the issue!
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