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Hi everyone!
-Your late Wolfsan..AGAIN!
Ha ha..uh..yeah..about that
- Ugh whatever..just get on with it you lazy {CENSORED}

Sorry for the delay folks! I appreciate you reading what i write! Arigato gozaimashita!

This past week or so i have beeen watching a LOT of anime and also thinking about it,and how far its come along since i first started watching it.
When i was but a young cub we were still in the age of VHS and getting hold of anime was hard-indeed it was a pretty exotic treat for me and my friends. Whether it was a bad VHS copy or watching it on late night tv-which was rare at the time- we couldent get enough of such things as FIST OF THE NORTH STAR, NINJA SCROLLS, AKIRA, RANMA etc..whatever it was we watched it and loved it.
Below are a few of my favourites..ones i discovered on my own and still love to this day. Time has been kinder to some more than others..but i still think their cool.

DOMINION TANK POLICE and PATLABOR..both shows about cops,and my first introduction to Japans love of Mecha and blowing up huge tracts of cityscape!!

My all time favourite though is WINGS OF HONNEAMISE or 'ROYAL SPACE FORCE' as its also known.

Suprisingly i have yet to get a new copy of this-DVD instead of VHS..its simply an amazing film.
There isnt as much action as most anime at the followed the story of a man kicking his heels in an underfunded version of NASA and his dream of going into space. Its a slow burner but it has a great story and i found it quite inspiring..and the artwork?..some of the scenes are literally burnt into my mind.
The ending is one you wont forget and is probably one of the best anime endings EVER!
If you havent seen it i urge you to go and find a copy and watch it. Its old but it is truelly is a work of art..a real anime legend.

From the past to the present! Its only in recent years that ive really seriously got back into watching anime due to one reason and another so i find myself behind where others may be at times!
I dont mind though as i get to discover things on my own.
One of the little treasures i have found is..

I saw the complete series boxset on AMAZON for a good price and thought "Why not?".
It has been money well spent! The show is nicely drawn,great voice acting and its funny too..its an easy watching sort of show about a slacker Kendo sensei and his attempts to build a top girls high school Kendo team. Give it a try, i think youll enjoy it!

Above is SACRED BLACKSMITH..another complete series boxset i picked up and again a really good find.
The story of a clumsy and not massively skillful knight and her quest to become better so she can protect her city and the people she loves. Its got a nice cast of charachters and the interplay between some of them is great..especially Cecily Campbell the young knight and Luke Ainsworth the blacksmith. The show and the cast have a lot of heart and i really enjoyed it. Its not the most original show,but its one ill watch again for sure and i hope some of you will give it a try if you havent already.

Last and by no means least..FAIRY TAIL! I guess a lot of you will have already seen this show but its brand new for me. I have a fondness for certain types of anime-as im sure we all do-but i decided to give a few shows a try,different to what i would normally watch. FAIRY TAIL was one..and boy am i glad i did!!
Its about the misadventures of a wizards guild and the members who make up the membership and its a LOT of fun! Its got insane action,its really funny,its bright and colourful and some brilliant charachters.
I was even able to convince my eight year old daughter to watch it with me-and shes now hooked!

As i missed out on seeing the first episodes so im collecting the DVDs here in the UK as they come out..its torture waiting,but it will be worth it!

..oh and my fav charachter?..hmm they're all great..Lucy is hilarious..but i like Grey and his casual and perpetual loss of clothing! makes me laugh !


Oh! weekends..where do you go? So many games to play and not enough time! Ive been enjoying the new rpg THE WITCHER 2..a refreshingly new style for the xbox 360 and a welcome one..its set the benchmark for dialogue at the very least-go and play it now!
Ive been playing a lot of BATTLEFIELD 3..enjoying playing with friends-we have such a laugh and i look forward to the weekend just to play with them all.
The trouble is that there is so many cool new games coming out soon..what to get and what to play!??!
I'll be writing about some of the great upcoming games in a seperate entry so stay tuned!

When i watch anime of play games i like to have a supply of a good snack close can change on a week by week basis.
This week though its back to a true favourite of mine..

Giant buttons are the Kung Fu master of choc sweets in my opinion! A handfull is never enough and the bag is gone to quick.
Do you snack as you watch? if so what do you preffer?

Thats all for now..i'll have more game updates and more up soon.
Thanks for reading this and feel free to leave comments on any thoughts you have!

Have a great week!

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