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do you think it is weird for a guy to like the "magical girl genre'?
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Posted 4/24/12 , edited 4/24/12
If i remember correctly, I have once read on a manga that a boy turns into a magical to defeat monsters...
can't remember the title. If anyone does, please tell me. I wanna return to that manga coz i never finished it.
Please and thank you.
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Posted 4/25/12 , edited 4/25/12

gaara579 wrote:

really? i always thought it was targeted at 12-14 year old girls since they ussualy are that age anyway

Thats the sort of thinking that seems to be prevalent here in the West, that cartoons (anime) are just for kids. Which is totally untrue, and I can prove it:

Buggs Bunny is targeted at an adult audience. Every single one of its jokes and gags would not be understood by a six year old. In the 40s when Loony Toons was highly popular they were added before movies to bring news of the war.

Scooby Doo: made in the 60/70s was a show with marijuana references in it. Again, kids wouldnt understand this.

Cartoons just appeal to children because they are colourfu, simplistic and quite often silly. Of course, now days a lot of cartoons are targeted at children, but they didnt start getting made for children until the 70s.

There are other themes in other "childrens" cartoons I am sure, but these two are the ones that stick out the most.

As for magical girl shows, as other have said they are in the shounen category which means they are targeted at boys.
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