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How much of a pimp is Naruto?
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Posted 4/24/12 , edited 4/24/12
Like seriously, everywhere he goes (even if they hated him at first) all the girls fall for him.
Hinata : was in love with him from the start.
Ino : said "I could fall for him" after the Pain arc
Amaru (from 2nd shippuden movie): obviously has feelings for him
Sara (from the 4th movie): didn't want him to leave >> she likes him
Shion (from 1st shippuden movie): WANTS HIS FREAKIN BABIES

Naruto may be an idiot, but he has a way with the ladies.

*i left out sakura because she's a cold-hearted bitch who ignores Naruto's affection.
Posted 8/21/12 , edited 8/22/12
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