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~ Fix your role, and other stuffs ~

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Posted 4/26/12 , edited 4/26/12
Name: Dai Mori
Age: 16 years old.
Gender: Girl.

Look: Chocolate brown hair that’s goes down to her shoulders, bangs, bright blue eyes, 170 centimeters long, slim and a big bust.
Personality: She’s very cheerful and smiles friendly to people. Sometimes she can be joking and be a little crazy but can be serious. She cares much about her friends.
Likes: Apple, strawberry, chocolate, cakes, music, her friends, dance, summer, boys, baseball, blue, her favorite hat etc.
Dislikes: Arrogant people, creepy faces, math, soccer, goodbyes etc.
Good on: Soccer, baseball, Figure Skating, cook, bake, math, singing, dance and play guitar.
Bad on: Concentrate on technology lessons (with computers and that), eat bad cooking, horrible on the technology subjects etc.
Family: Have a mother that is 44 years old and is very nice and helpful, a father that is strict but friendly and nice (46), a brother (17) mean much to Dai, she can talk about many things and joke with him.

Uniform: She have the third version on the winter and the first version with a red bow the rest of the year, and also brown Haruta shoes.
Club: Student Council, president.
Love life: She’s not in love with someone and is single.
Extra things to know: Dai loves to joke with her friends and hug them, she loves sweets and cats. She’s very smart but don’t brags about her score after the results on tests or so, tho most of the students knows that she is smart and good on sports.
Accessories: A green little butterfly hairclip on the left of the front on her head.
Posted 4/26/12 , edited 4/26/12
Cool, I love it! :3 Wich position will I have in the Student Council? The Secretary, maybe? ^O^
Posted 4/27/12 , edited 4/27/12
Sure! ♥ I'll do two teachers later. x'D ^^ I don't feel like it now.. =P

( I mean like templates for two teacher I'll role also. ;3 )
Posted 4/27/12 , edited 4/27/12
Did u even get what I write just? x'D
Posted 4/27/12 , edited 4/27/12
Yes, I did. x'3 and yeey! ♥ i wanted to be that. ^O^
Posted 4/27/12 , edited 4/27/12
Hihi, then it's good. ^-^
Posted 4/27/12 , edited 4/27/12
I'm glad u're glad. x)
Posted 4/27/12 , edited 4/27/12
Naaw, thanks. ◕‿◕ ♥
Posted 4/29/12 , edited 4/29/12
I'll do the teachers today I think. ^-^
Posted 4/29/12 , edited 4/29/12
yeah I know I'm slow. x'D
Posted 4/29/12 , edited 4/29/12
Yes you are. x'D
Posted 4/29/12 , edited 4/29/12
Hehehe. x3
Posted 4/29/12 , edited 4/29/12
I promise. I'll do it right away now.
Posted 4/29/12 , edited 4/29/12
Name: Hinata Kin Sakamoto
Age: 21 years old.
Gender: Women.

Look: Golden blonde hair with curls that’s goes down to the waist. Chocolate brown eyes, 180 centimeters, and have a model body.
Personality: She don’t like when people talking in the class and want absolutely silence under her lessons. She is very strict, but very nice after you learn to know her.
Likes: Calm persons, orange (the fruit), sunflowers, her sister, books, to sing, the nature, a little fashion, dogs and photos.
Dislikes: Noisy students, bullying, coffee, Christmas, unreadable articles, unconcentrated people, her mother etc.
Good on: Handle weapons, computers, make people calm/quiet after say it twice, take photos, bake, cook, swim etc.
Bad on: To be nice to her mother etc.
Family: Hinata’s dad is dead since long time ago, when she was five years old he died in a traffic accident. She have a mother that is 50 years old and very hard on Hinata, they doesn’t like eatch other so much. She have an older sister she loves very much, called Manami, that’s very lovable and nice to her.

Relationship: Single.
Extra things to know: She is a teacher and teach students how to use weapons and about them, she have the technology lessons and is an English teacher.
Club: She is the teacher for the books/literature and poems club.
Posted 4/29/12 , edited 4/29/12
I'll do the other teacher another time. ;3
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