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shujin academy
Posted 4/25/12 , edited 5/28/12
CHARACTER FORM: You must do this if you are making an OC, and you CAN do this when you claim a DRRR!! character as well. You may use characters from other animes, but they must not be too OOC when you RP.

Character Name:
Picture (put in spoiler please!):
Interests (what do they like?):
Hates (what do they hate?):
Orientation (straight, bi, gay, lesbian, or aesexual?):
Crush (do they like anybody?):
Special Abilities:
Siblings (do they have any siblings?):
What people don't know about him/her:

Master Character claim list:
Mikado Ryuugamine -
Masaomi Kida -
Anri Sonohara -
Celty Sturlson -
Shinra Kishitani -
Izaya Orihara - TAKEN!
Shizuo Heiwajima -
Simon (I forgot how to spell his last name T-T )
Namie Yagiri -
Seiji Yagiri -
Mika Harima -
Erika Karisawa -
Walker Yumasaki -
Kyohei Kodota -
Saburo Togusa -
Tom Tanaka -
Kasuka Heiwajima -
Takashi Nasujima -
Saki Makijima -
Kururi Orihara -
Mairu Orihara -
Haruna Niekawa -
Ryo Takiguchi -
Rio Kamachika

Original Character list:
Kyouka Hachisaka - animegirl2222
Kimiko Sakurazuka - animegirl2222


Username: animegirl2222
Character Name: Kyouka Hachisaka
Age: 18 (born January 15, 1994)
Picture (put in spoiler please!):

Interests (what do they like?): Singing, dancing, steak, dubstep, miso ramen, otoro (fancy tuna), her siblings, gel pens, writing typical fangirl stories about her favorite animanga characters, sex (well, usually), almost any fish besides squid and octopus.

Hates (what do they hate?): Nasujima-sensei (for hurting her & being a total asshole), Gristle on her meat, people calling her fat, Izaya, who won't leave her alone, her father, cutting, squid, octopus, jellyfish (one stung her when she was young)

Personality: Self reliant, doesn't want any help, headstrong, generally nice, yet sarcastic, although she becomes much more irritable after the death of her relationship

Favorite quotes:
"I hate the ground you walk upon."

“I'm pretty, but I'm not beautiful.
I'm sin, but I'm not the devil.
I'm good, but I'm not an angel."

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid. "

She is a 3rd year Raira student, who previously was *ahem* involved with Takashi Nasujima, her homeroom teacher. After they broke up, both Takashi & her began to detest one another. One of Kyouka's favorite quotes became "I hate the ground you walk upon". She is the daughter of a prominent businessman, and a mistress of his. In order to get away from her somewhat verbally & physically abusive father, Kyouka travelled to Ikebukuro, and began to attend Raira. For some unexplained reason, she started a relationship with Takashi.
Kyouka is an attractive beauty, and usually is a straight A student, who usually gets high marks. Her grades, however, dwindled after her arrival in Ikebukuro.
Kyouka enjoys anime & manga and has a secret boys' love fetish.
She is not a fan of Izaya and his jerkass Information Broker ways.
She has 5 half siblings. And 4 biological siblings (technically, her mom's about to pop out the fourth).

Orientation (straight, bi, gay, lesbian, or aesexual?): Straight
Crush (do they like anybody?): Nope.
Special Abilities: Telekinesis.
Siblings (do they have any siblings?): 5 half siblings, 3 (soon to be 4) biological full blood siblings. 3 (soon to be 4) sisters, 5 brothers.
What people don't know about him/her: She hates the scale, and checking her weight. She's had a body image complex for a while.

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shujin academy
Posted 1/8/13 , edited 4/30/13
Takashi Nasujima

a lot of this is built around my own headcanon/fanon, given how there's not much official info for Nasujima-sensei. The age is guessed to be honest, he's probably older than he looks.

Username: animegirl2222
Character Name: Takashi Nasujima ~ 'Nasujima-sensei'
Age: 42 (DOB: May 13, 1970)
Picture (put in spoiler please!):

Interests (what do they like?): Sex, sex, more sex, teenage girls, smoking, cats, any sort of digestible food, eating like a pig, photography, abandoned buildings and scary places
Hates (what do they hate?): Haruna Niekawa, Izaya, Kida, his plans being foiled, rising early,
Personality: Usually courteous and kind, however can be very slimy and manipulative with his ulterior motives. Generally a happy and collected person, unless he is infuriated.

Height: 181 cm (5'11")
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
Grew up in the US and Japan, married his highschool sweetheart (now ex-wife), who he divorced years ago.
Has five daughters (three in high school, one adopted, the other two related to him; the other two are still young), and three sons (also in high school). His eldest daughter, Megumi, openly despises most of her father's decisions and actions.

Acts very idiotic and cowardly, though purely for his own amusement (even fooling Izaya at one time). His acting is convincing and some people have no idea how sleazy he can be.
He's done less than civil things with many of his female students (even Anri) using their failing grades against most of them in order to gain more control. Although he abuses his position of authority, and there are countless rumors floating around about him, many girls have and will continue to fall into his traps.
Shizuo previously beat him up after he attempted to rob him (though this might've been staged/intentional). His daugh

Orientation (straight, bi, gay, lesbian, or aesexual?): Straight
Crush (do they like anybody?): He likes a number of high school students of his, particularly the very pretty girls. Really though, they're not so much crushes as girls he wants to make out with/commit dirty deeds with.

Siblings (do they have any siblings?): 2 half siblings, 7 biological siblings (one of which is his twin brother, Kenji)
What people don't know about him/her: He used to be in the modeling industry when he was younger, but after being ejected from the business, became an instructor.

Megumi Sokabe

Username: animegirl2222
Character Name: Megumi 'Meg' Sokabe
Age: 18-21
Picture (put in spoiler please!):

Interests (what do they like?): Music, guitar playing, light music, fast food,
Hates (what do they hate?): scales, long & sharp needles, sewing, art (her skills are less than stellar)
Personality: Mature, sweet, though persistent & a bit bossy sometimes, a pretty pleasant person to be around.

She is Nasujima's eldest daughter. She lives with her mother half the time (where she attends Sakuragaoka High school) and her father the other half of the time (where she attends Raira). Megumi seems to have quite a few adversaries with her dad, though everyone is not sure where they stem from, possibly an old feud. She briefly dates Kida.
Megumi is the lead singer of a band. During her early teen years, she dressed in dark clothing and dyed her hair (in order to be 'emo/scene' and 'depressed') though her appearance has drastically changed since.

Orientation (straight, bi, gay, lesbian, or aesexual?): Bi-curious
Crush (do they like anybody?): Unknown, previously Kida
Special Abilities: Not many
Siblings (do they have any siblings?): 3 sisters, 2 brothers
What people don't know about him/her: Her relationship with her dad used to be good.
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