PK Battle Stadium #2
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Penglai Mountain Stadium

Welcome and Thank You for entering the Penglai Mountain Stadium, one of the Pokemon Battle Stadiums, as well as the second to come about. The coordinates of Penglai Mountain Stadium are located above ground. The surface and location tends to give an advantage to flying as well as grass pokemon. When and if challenged by another pokemon trainer, it is time to step up to the challenge and fight it out! In order to ensure there are no misunderstandings, please follow these rules:

1. When you challenge a Pokemon Trainer, be sure to contact the user (of that character). This will let them know you want to fight them.
2. When both trainers are present, decide who goes first and begin!
3. Remember, when using a technique whether it be defense, offense or neutral, put it in a spoiler. Spoiler the technique, do NOT add a link.
4. The Creator or a MOD will oversee the battle and determine the winner at the end. So make sure to contact either or. If you are battling a MOD, contact the Creator. If you have a problem on the outcome of the battle, contact another MOD or the Creator. If 2 MODs say you lost, YOU LOST!
5. Remember, this is a Pokemon Battle. No killing Pokemon.
6. Remember to adhere to the group rules and guidelines. They still apply.
7. If a fight is inactive for more then 7 Days, then the fight is considered over. And a MOD will decide who is the winner.
8. Only 1 fight at a time with a total of 2 trainers battling. (1 on ea. team)
9. And remember all battles are 3 on 3 only

How to Lose a Pokemon Battle

The battle is inactive for more then 7 Days
Giving Up or getting KO-ed
A MOD feels that you are unable to continue.
God-Modding (1st Offense: Warning. 2nd Offence: You're Out)

Entry Form

Character's Name:
Pokemon Team & Techniques:
Opponent's Username:
Character Name of Your Opponent:

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